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relating to mankind or the period of mankind's existence


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However, higher mean content of nitrate was found in the rainy season, probably due to the anthropic action in surrounding areas and its consequent deposition in well waters through mass flow movement of floods.
It was also observed that most of the collected molluscs were found in aquatic collections that presented anthropic alterations of domestic origin, such as the presence of garbage and/or sewage, or changes of industrial/urban origin, such as the presence of factories and/or steel plants with waste disposal to the aquatic collection or canalization and/or reuse of the water course.
This paper describes the results of a reliability analysis of the South Grandstand of the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in the city of Cali, Colombia, using ambient and forced vibration records and model updating techniques based on anthropic loads.
Appreciation of the inadequacy of the weak anthropic principle as an explanation for the fine-tuning of physics inspired an investigation into whether dark matter particles might be capable of sustaining aquatic life.
Given that both excavation campaigns reached the rocky outcrop, and that both the archaeological artefacts and the depths of the layers indicate that all the structures belong to the same moment, the older dates cannot be related to a paleo-soil of anthropic origin.
No additional specimens were found elsewhere in the areas and so far none was registered in any anthropic areas in this region.
Bernstein, his daughter and his brothers brought a wrongful death suit against Discovery Channel parent Discovery Communications and Anthropic Productions Corp.
Eleven papers from an October 2011 workshop explore the injection of carbon dioxide into geological formations capable of ensuring the durable storage of large quantities of the gas as part of IPCC efforts to reduce anthropic greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
We have no apprehension in regard to these possibilities because it is certain that in this anthropic universe Nature will open up alternatives for the continuation of an appropriate form of life and for the progressive refinement of Consciousness.
His position is a variant of the well-known anthropic principle, which indeed has many variants but fundamentally asserts that "from a cosmological point of view the existence and processes of the universe cannot be fully explained unless the human species is understood as an inherent phenomenon" (55).
for us, which is called the Anthropic principle, weak (WAP) or strong
While some have argued for an anthropic principle that would render improbable the emergence of life and intelligent life on other planets, Thomas O'Meara argues, based on probability and given the expanse of the universe, that conditions for other habitable planets with advanced beings is quite high, perhaps "one in every four hundred thousand star systems" (10).