anthrax bacillus

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a species of bacillus that causes anthrax in humans and in animals (cattle and swine and sheep and rabbits and mice and guinea pigs)

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Koch was the first person to isolate the cholera and the anthrax bacillus and won the 1905 Nobel Prize in 1905 for his discovery and investigations into the tuberculosis bacillus.
Anthrax bacillus was muddy, and cholera bacillus was rough in texture.
Anthrax bacillus is not new to Africa, the bacteria is regularly diagnosed in cattle, goats and herds of free ranging wildlife.
Anthrax bacillus need not be isolated in suspected cases, but there must be clinically compatible illness and at least one supported nonculture lab test or an epidemiologic link to a confirmed environmental exposure such as a letter, he said.
Frightening scenarios regarding mass fatalities from a small amount of anthrax assumes that the Iraqis have successfully cultivated the rare strain lethal to human beings (an anthrax bacillus is usually fatal to animals but rarely to humans) and have developed the highly sophisticated means of distributing them by missile or aircraft.