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a highly infectious animal disease (especially cattle and sheep)

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No employee has shown any symptoms of anthrax illness," Dr.
There is currently an outbreak of anthrax in intravenous drug users in Europe and a total of eight cases have been identified since early June, including one in Scotland, three in Germany, two in Denmark, and one in France.
In addition to the further development of AV7909, Emergent's franchise of anthrax countermeasures includes: BioThrax - the only vaccine licensed by the FDA to prevent anthrax.
The importance of anthrax lies in the fact that it has evolved for survivability.
The seriousness with which Washington takes anthrax certainly makes you wonder about the lack of any U.
The final choice for stockpiling anthrax i antitoxins may hinge on the drugs' prices and ease of storage as well as their effectiveness, Baker says.
Anthrax is essentially a disease of grazing animals and is relatively common in persons who have contact with these animals (2-4).
Considered one of the most deadly of potential terrorist weapons by the federal government, anthrax is a bacteria, which in a still-unsolved 2001 attack using the U.
After an extensive evaluation, the FDA re-issued a final order on the license status of the anthrax vaccine and again determined that the vaccine is licensed for the prevention of anthrax, regardless of the route of exposure.
For both livestock and humans, anthrax is a notifiable disease in the United States.
In fact, Hartwig said there is a precedent in case law concerning workers' comp coverage for anthrax exposure dating back to 1917.
According to current dogma, the anthrax spore is totally dormant when outside of a person or animal," says Philip C.
Anthrax in adults and children: a review of 132 cases in Turkey.
The drug Cipro, noted for its ability to treat all forms of anthrax, is a fluoroquinolone.
Anthrax is spread by spores, and without quick antibiotic treatment, more than 80% of people who contract the severe inhalation form of the condition die.