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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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Hb and anthracotic pigment Heart Myoglobin, cytochromes, Hb, lipofuscin, and carotenes?
3) Dark anthracotic pigmentation in the bronchial mucosa is a bronchoscopic finding of pneumoconiosis or evidence of heavy atmospheric soot particles.
Trend analysis indicated that there was an association between anthracosis and indoor smoke exposure due to traditional baking and anthracotic cases had more life span than indoor smoke exposure.
It is also possible that anthracotic patients are more prone to TB than TB causing anthracosis.
BALT is found in the vicinity of airways, usually contains black anthracotic pigment, and presents as a nodular collection of chronic inflammatory cells that typically does not surround a vessel but might be seen asymmetrically around a vessel (unlike ACR).
Patients with mild mottled simple anthracotic change on the bronchi were excluded from bronchial biopsy.
Histopathology revealed chondroid hamartoma with anthracotic pigmentation.
If prominent areas of desquamative interstitial pneumonia-like changes are seen with macrophages that lack anthracotic smoking pigment, one should consider the possibility of an underlying myelodysplastic syndrome or drug-induced pneumonitis.
The alveolar septa showed necrosis, and the alveolar airspaces contained focal alveolar macrophages, including some with anthracotic pigment.
The mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes were prominent and anthracotic.