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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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3) In addition, in the elderly, intrathoracic lymph nodes are often anthracotic.
16) In his series of 908 patients, there were 28 cases with anthracofibrosis, only 6 cases with anthracosis, and 43 cases with endobronchial TB without anthracotic pigmentation.
Lymph nodes showed lymphoid hyperplasia with reactive nodal architecture and scattered anthracotic pigment.
The underlying lung parenchyma appears gray-white and usually contains black anthracotic streaks.
Bronchoscopy showed near-total occlusion of orifice of RML bronchus, which showed markedly inflamed mucosa with anthracotic pigmentation.
Bronchoscopy revealed a total obliteration of RML bronchial orifice, with severely inflamed mucosa and anthracotic pigmentation.