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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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In this article, we present a case of vocal fold paralysis (VFP) caused by anthracosis, a rare pathology that, to the best of our knowledge, has not been previously indicated in the etiology of VFP.
On bronchoscopic evaluation, diffuse anthracosis was found to be present in the right and left bronchial systems.
Anthracosis is mostly seen in coal miners due to accumulation of coal dust in the lungs, but it can also result from exposure to air pollution, biomass pollution, or cigarette smoke.
Although the statistical analysis still indicated an effect of PM levels after adjustment for smoking and occupational dust exposure, the authors' graphical representations of their data suggest that the PM effects, apart from anthracosis, were small.
In present study the most type of pigmentation in lymph nodes was of Anthracosis and hemosiderosis.
The remaining lung tissue was soft, tan, and gray, with a small amount of anthracosis without any additional mass lesions.