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lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust

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15,16) In this study, we decided to carry out a research on samples obtained from bronchoscopy from people with and without bronchial anthracosis to study the incidence of acid-fast bacilli through smear and culture techniques.
Bronchial anthracosis was characterized by dark pigmentations of the airway mucosa found during bronchoscopy.
Anthracosis, a form of pneumoconiosis, is most commonly seen in coal miners, and it is also caused by environmental factors such as air pollution, biomass smoke, and cigarette smoke.
These patients had diagnoses other than anthracosis as was reconfirmed by chest X-ray findings by an experienced pulmonologist.
Since many of these patients proved to have active tuberculosis on bacteriologic examination, identification of anthracosis on bronchoscopy leads to searching for evidence of active tuberculosis.
In a pathology study of S&R dogs (18 deployed and five control) that died between October 2002 and September 11, 2006, pulmonary anthracosis and particulate matter were commonly found in the lungs of both groups.
The condition, called anthracosis, is from soot and carbon in tobacco smoke, combined with carbon in air pollution from trucks, cars, coal-fired power plants, etc.
The traditional view of the effects of ambient PM on lung structure can be found in standard texts such as Spencer's Pathology of the Lung (Spencer 1985), which states that anthracosis (i.
The mediastinal lymph node biopsy sections revealed fibrosis and anthracosis, and similarly showed activated germinal centers associated with more florid epithelioid granulomas with eosinophils and centralized necrosis.
201 (2000) (stating "[t]his definition includes, but is not limited to, coal workers' pneumoconiosis, anthracosilicosis, anthracosis, anthrosilicosis, massive pulmonary fibrosis, progressive massive fibrosis, silicosis or silicotuberculosis").
Coelioscopy with histologic examination and fungal culture of lung and air sac samples revealed anthracosis but no fungal infection.
The differential diagnoses include pyogenic granuloma, cutaneous anthracosis, and orthopox virus infection.
Bronchial anthracosis is defined as black discoloration of bronchus due to deposition of carbon particles from extraneous origin on bronchial mucosa.
The remaining lung tissue was soft, tan, and gray, with a small amount of anthracosis without any additional mass lesions.
Examination of the coelomic organs were normal in 42 birds with findings of white foci in kidneys (1 bird), enlarged spleen (1 bird), and mild anthracosis in the lungs (3 birds).