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a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat

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8%) of all anthracitic patients had tuberculosis, while 90 (10.
CityView has also agreed, subject to further due diligence, to acquire an interest in a private company owning anthracitic and coking coal deposits in the Utrecht coal province in Northern KwaZulu Natal of South Africa.
In addition to the Northwest Territories, the Groundhog coal project in northwestern British Columbia contains a NI 43-101 reported speculative resource of approximately 1 billion tons of anthracitic coal, the highest grade coal in the world.
3-]) anions as the form of As occurrence in the organic substance of the investigated anthracitic coal (from the province Guishou, China).
South Korean President Kim Dae Jung said Monday his government is seriously considering providing anthracitic coal to North Korea to help the North overcome its energy shortage, according to an newspaper interview obtained Monday by Kyodo News.
Most (or 80%) of Indonesia's coal deposits are categorized as young coal of lignite-subbituminious grades, the rest being coal of bituminuous and anthracitic grades.