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compile an anthology


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One of the many pleasures of Price's attention to the anthologizing impulse is how it provides her with a means of analyzing obsolete literary forms like the biographical compilations, popular in the nineteenth century, that combined letters and third-person narration.
Anthologizing a few years worth of columns is a good way to sort the brilliant from the merely flashy.
One instance of the difficulty in assigning a mode of resistance to these narratives is their anthologizing by Bernardo Gomes de Brito in the HTM, the form in which the texts have almost always been published and read.
In light of various political and economic factors that contribute to the anthologizing process, I offer a schema whereby anthologies can be taught effectively.
Besides anthologizing classical Sahelian landmarks, it has enabled some aspiring ones to express themselves and explore their usable past and heritage.
This seems relevant to the project of anthologizing the post-1960 avant-garde, since for so many of Messerli's writers, especially those born after 194O, poems need not be memorable (in the sense of readily memorizable).
As thankless tasks go, anthologizing is the literary equivalent of balancing the federal budget: For every item included, scores more--or, in this case, hundreds--get left out.