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Nathaniel Benson (an advertising executive who was also a poet, an anthologizer, and the director of the Electra Theatre Players) was on the national executive of the CAA simultaneous to his CLC presidency from 1938-40: during his tenure, literary club members were welcomed to the authors' association events, and the CLC and its library were housed in the Writers' Club at the corner of Yonge and Adelaide, headquarters of the Canadian Authors Association and several other literary organizations.
Behind the detached voice of the anthologizer is a more impassioned speaker.
Le Corbusier was such a prolific journalist and anthologizer of his own work that he sometimes appeared more powerful as polemicist than as architect or artist.
Bruce Franklin (the noted science-fiction authority and anthologizer of Stalin) as "the epic struggle of the enslaved proletariat" against a predicted "20th-century fascist oligarchy.
I seem to get requests for it every day for anthologies with titles like Reading as Experience, or Experience as Reading, each anthologizer insisting that he is doing something completely different from every other anthologizer.
Kenneth Rexroth, an early anthologizer of her work, linked her loosely with a diverse group of post-Second World War British neoromantic poets whose work exhibits a "ruminative melancholy" of the sort displayed in Stephen Spender's and J.
Lee), also important as editor and anthologizer of mysteries; <IR> REX STOUT </IR> , creator of Nero Wolfe; <IR> JOHN DICKSON CARR </IR> , a master of the locked-room mystery; and <IR> ERLE STANLEY GARDNER </IR> , creator of Perry Mason, a lawyer who solves crimes in the courtroom.
Our focus on Silliman has more to do with his lively critical presence, both historically as an editor and anthologizer and, over the past four years, as an increasingly central figure in online poetry communities.
4) Stedman was an early anthologizer of Emily Dickinson, for example, representing her work with twenty poems, and an early sponsor of Lizette Woodworth Reese as well.
A year later, when he brought out Passages from the Prose Writings of Matthew Arnold (1880), he even became the anthologizer of his own prose.
In so doing, I hope to expose some of the functions that an anthology might serve and some of the factors that a good anthologizer must consider.
and sees his or her literature that way, thereby losing identity and representativeness for his or her literature despite the anthologizers ostensibly having the opposite aim.
By bringing together the comic authors, and by including insightful introductory comments on them, the anthologizers turned critical attention away from the figures of the poets themselves and onto the rhetorical effects of their poetry instead.
She also employs litotes in the phrase "only genius, wit, and taste"--which, following the multiple clauses and phrases describing abridgers (of which Austen herself was one) and anthologizers, is all the more noticeable for its brevity.
Wordsworth was talking about the professional critical establishment that was emerging at the time, but his comments are relevant to today's editors and anthologizers, who still annotate, annotate, annotate.