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compile an anthology


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Unfortunately, a number of errors seem to have crept into the process of textual transmission, so that while it is exceedingly useful to have the anthologized texts collected in a single volume, one probably still wants to use the standard editions for any substantive work.
His poetry is anthologized in Undercurrents: New Voices in Canadian Poetry (Cormorant Books, 2011), and has appeared in such journals as the Malahat Review, Contemporary Verse 2, and the New Quarterly.
His poems have been anthologized in the Penguin/Longman Anthology of Contemporary American Poets (2004), in The Swallow Anthology's New American Poets (2009), and in a forthcoming anthology from Anvil Poetry Press of six American poets.
The book includes a chapter called "A Picnic with Sinclair Lewis," which has been anthologized.
Over twenty-five inspiring lively personal stories anthologized in "What If?
The Post was now an Indianapolis product, and on page 22 was an article which had originally appeared in the September 10, 1955, issue of The New Yorker and was anthologized a few years later in author Berton Roueche's book of medical mysteries called The Incurable Wound.
poems have been anthologized in The Bedford Introduction to Literature,
English teachers must acknowledge that those lyrics are just as worthwhile for study as an anthologized short story.
When placed according to each poem's original appearance, moreover, even McKay's widely anthologized, most familiar poems reclaim a surprising genesis.
Bill Belleville is a documentary filmmaker and author specializing in conservation: how work has appeared extensively in magazines, has been anthologized in collections, and he's written many books, but LOSING IT ALL TO SPRAWL: HOW PROGRESS ATE MY CRACKER LANDSCAPE hits closer to home than many of his other books.
He's been anthologized, mythologized, psychoanalyzed, reissued and remastered so many times nobody can keep track.
It has been anthologized in its original form in the collection Mending the World: Stories of Family by Contemporary Black Writers, edited by Rosemarie Robotham (Basic Civitas Books, December 2002; see BIBR, January-February 2003, NONFICTION REVIEWS).
Her poetry as anthologized in Divide These is hallmarked with an spare but determined energy that results in the deft fashioning of word images that are intellectually provocative and emotionally riveting.
In any case, the student essays always follow close readings of various writers anthologized in the Com102 textbook--the sixth edition of Rise Axelrod and Charles Cooper's Reading Critically: Writing Well.
Significantly, many of these artists' texts have been collected and anthologized.