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compile an anthology


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To make his point, Rouvillois anthologizes an extract from Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle's L'Histoire des Ajaoiens, which shows how the Ajaoians have organized the enslavement and elimination of the indigenous people they have conquered.
To gather or anthologize a part of Derrida, then, is to decapitate, but decapitate so as to appear, appearing in print, leaving an imprint on anthologized leaves, like the appearance of a ghost.
The volume anthologizes key papers that have already appeared in the proceedings of these multiple sessions in the series, Translation and Meaning, so as to provide readers with a more concise overview of the main representatives of the field and key issues and research advances.
He's now at work on a book that anthologizes the design produced during his almost 30-year career and also tells his life story.
Each zeroes in on a moment during which musical production technology was undergoing a significant shift: The first entry in the series, for example, anthologizes early video-game sound tracks, while the third revisits the moribund mid-'80s interregnum between punk and techno, with contributions from Ministry, Front 242, and other industrial acts.
Given Sapper's unfortunate passing on New Year's Eve in 2015, this newtext effectively anthologizes his career and gives original perspective into the mind of a brilliant designer.
The result of a German Research Foundation project on food supply and security in China in the warlord era (1912-1928), this book anthologizes papers, conference reports, and workshop reviews on the subject.
Collaboratively compiled and edited by the team of Gabriel Haslip-Viera (Director of the Program in Latin American and Latino Studies, City College, CUNY), Angelo Falcon (Senior Policy Executive for the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund), and Felix Matos Rodriguez (Director of the Center for Puerto Rican Policy, Hunter College), Boricuas In Gotham: Puerto Ricans In The Making Of Modern New York City anthologizes essays reinterpreting and updating the history of New York's Puerto Rican community and its leadership from the beginnings of the great migration in the 1940s down to the present day.
This book anthologizes his work (he died at age 55 in 2010).