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DuBois among others, the reconstruction of the Black canon and its anthologizations.
In addition to offering a fresh account of Bubet's (changing) anthologizing practices and its underlying hermeneutics, Urban also recreates a vivid and richly documented image of the little-known wider reception of Hasidic sources and their modern anthologization.
Her new classification of the complex series of interrelated texts into four cycles and her enlightening close readings of them are buttressed by a carefully crafted exploration of the Querelle poets' game-playing techniques and the material patterns of anthologization of their contributions.
Today, however, with the posthumous republication of Borges's first, suppressed volumes of essays (Inquisiciones [1925], El tamano de mi esperanza [1926], and El idioma de los argentinos [1928]), and the anthologization of newspaper and magazine pieces from his earliest years (Textos recobrados 1919-1929), we can finally see for ourselves the style, or styles, plural, that Borges was so keen to renounce throughout his later life.
7) Seen as markers of naivete, these features have contributed to the work's minimal anthologization, diminished reputation, and relative neglect.
So seven subsequent chapters discuss such things as the Kuhnification of the Humanities, the Diversification of the University, and the Anthologization of Theory.
Price describes the ways in which Clarissa became anthologized and abridged, but also, and more originally, she reveals how anthologization and abridgment are built into the narration of that novel.
14) This taxonomic anthologization is substantially a process of detachment, as discussed above.
Read from an international perspective, the Irish debate about anthologization and its omissions may appear a very late entry into the Anglo-American canon wars of the 1980s.
But, as scrutiny of the volumes quickly reveals, the process of anthologization and categorization is neither simple nor self-evidently logical.
Manlove's thesis that Sartor's witty paradoxes and recurring oppositions need to be regarded as central in reading the text, and Sorensen's notion of the clash in Carlyle between Goethe's and Calvin's understanding of history both make for revealing and lucid pieces well deserving of anthologization.
Adding to this a discussion of the loose stanzaic structure of Arabic poetry and of Arabic practices of anthologization, she is able to present an account of the Arab theorists' concern with the syllogism.
Moreover, their poetry's appearance in a series of well-known and influential imagist anthologies may have prompted Scott to think about his own anthologization.
24) Biographical anthologization, in its implicit or sometimes explicit use of precedent to establish norms of human behavior and its generic impulse to find commonality between subjects, is similarly charged with having a homogenizing influence on constructions of selfhood.
In other words, then, the reception -- indeed, often the production or publication--of Derrida's work is profoundly shaped by anthologization in a variety of guises.