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While it seems undeniable that English-Canadian anthologists have prioritized experiential, descriptive, narrative, and structurally coherent texts over and above other kinds of writing, I would suggest that this is only one of the ways that the nation can materialize itself in literature.
Consequently, the anthologist offers classical feminist references in 'Bibliografia Selecta.
The anthologists are much more doubtful about the occurrence of macroPK.
Price gives us a new way to read George Eliot--as both a darling and distruster of anthologists--but she also prods us to think more generally about critics as anthologists at a moment when both new electronic texts and the accumulated body of criticism and theory threaten to overwhelm.
Csicsila wishes to refute critics such as Jane Tompkins whom he feels mistakenly accuse early anthologists of ignoring women writers.
In this case, the plea of all anthologists applies with special force: Go read the original.
Furthermore, Berke's views on the absence of these three poets from anthologies indicate a near-Olympian lack of understanding of the various constraints on anthologists.
Though prized by some collectors (including NRBQ drummer Tom Ardolino, interviewed here) and anthologists, "song poems" have been valued almost exclusively by their creators, who answer ads calling for lyrics in the back of magazines.
The desire for representativeness, which haunts anthologists, has in this case trumped pedagogical utility, but otherwise this is a fine volume, to which people will refer for years to come.
Thirty-three of the poems in the first volume and fifty-two in the second are printed for the first time; eight have appeared only in small periodicals or other out-of-the way places; and fifty-seven come from volumes that have been ignored by anthologists and are almost entirely unfamiliar today.
Nielsen is aware that, for many readers (and the anthologists who create standard textbooks), African American literature is thought to be primarily realistic in style and sociological or political in content; avant-garde expressions--despite the obvious examples of Langston Hughes, Amiri Baraka, and Ishmael Reed--are frequently overlooked.
Canons (referring to the published poetic canon) are not made by governments, anthologists, publishers, editors, or professors, but by writers.
So much has been kept from them by homophobic anthologists and teachers.
The inclusion of Creely is, however, interesting in that Perloff notes how, despite his popularity, Creely's 'plainness' has often led to his work being dismissed by critics and omitted by anthologists.