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compile an anthology


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In addition, the impetus to anthologise, record, and publish the elements in the field, keeping up to date with emerging work, seems less marked now than before.
Carcanet had begun to anthologise some of this "left-field" writing in the late 1980s, and in 1995 published Michael Haslam's A Whole Bauble, gathering an exemplary, individual career from 1977 to 1994.
I suppose, in answer to your question, if anyone is kind enough to anthologise some of my poems, I would like them to be thought of, primarily, as voices, among many, in a centuries long struggle against this systematic, unjust division of humanity.
The poem is included in a sequence of new poems in a collection the function of which is to anthologise Szirtes's poems about his English experience, narrating in their totality an 'outsider's view' (or "temperature chart," in Szirtes's own words9) of "a spectral country living out its past," as the cover blurb puts it.
An important principle of The Southern Region was to aim as far a possible to anthologise unknown or lesser-known voices, extending this to including lesser-known extracts by established writers.