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a collection of selected literary passages

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However, the anthological is not only technical, it is also, as Doueihi (2011) insists, a form of reading: that is, in our case, the notion of the anthological directs attention to human interaction with the image.
However, as Jayne Wark argues in a 2001 article that Wilson added to Sourcebook, this recognition has been achieved mostly through the passing of Wilson's name in anthological mentions without the actual "tedium" of cumulative critiques of her work.
The rise of his fame as one of the greatest, if not indeed the greatest, poet of the 20th century writing in German is astonishing; the anthological poem Death's fugue is taught in schools.
The anthological descendents of Winning, therefore, represented an accurate picture of the most prolific and proficient poetry being written by American veterans of the war.
Two years before he had also edited an anthological study for the Guanda publishing house of Italian twentieth-century poetry.
Endemic to a poet politically denied access to his ambitions by both his home country and his host country, de la Selva remains today, almost universally, as an anthological omission.
While my own reading conforms with Knight's basic sense of "how anthological thinking guides interpretation" (336), it departs from his in imagining that the collection dissolves specificity within works rather than emphasize particular themes.
3) The recognition that Joel's prophecy contains so many parallels has led one commentator to state, "The most striking stylistic feature of the book is its anthological quality.
With more than sixty-five individual contributors and weighing in at well over half a thousand pages, one is first struck by the sheer breath and sweep of Miriam Jimenez Roman's and Juan Flores' anthological exploration in depth, which includes detailed charting and bringing into critical view of the defining coordinates, varied topography, and sundry textures of a terrain and territory that (discreetly evaded, artfully dodged, or habitually veiled in a tellingly calculated hush) is all too seldom so fruitfully traveled in and remains on the whole still insufficiently surveyed.
Anthological examinations of the pooled semen sample were carried out within the first quarter of the trial and afterwards once a week.
Anthological meaning--Editorial Specialisation and Commercialisation
It's a superb, anthological reference book of foods and the flavours they work with.
I refer to volumes like La presenza di Orfeo (1953), Paura di Dio (1955), Nozze romane (1955), Tu sei Pietro (1961), texts that are usually available only in anthological collections.
Three of them are anthological editions of verse poetry: the first established by August Sang in 1967 (contains translations by August Sang, Ain Kaalep, Ilmar Laaban, Ants Oras, Jaan Kross, Johannes Semper), the second in 2000 by Indrek Hirv (contains translations by Hirv, Oras and Sang), and the latest was published in 2009 by Ain Kaalep (contains translations by Ain Kaalep, August Sang and Mart Valjataga).
This is why he received as much as 100 white bumblebees in the anthological TV show.