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a collection of selected literary passages

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It seems here that anthology and corpus could also be likened, respectively, to the glacial zones of ablation (wasting) and accumulation: what is "good and bad" about glaciers is not the glacier, or the snow and firn at the top, but what happens at the bottom: all that anthological calving, galloping, melting, and tilling.
And I can only hope that somewhere out there in the groves of academe there may be another coven of editors gathering to perform a similar anthological labor of love for the great texts of the Grand Tour.
Instead, Feldman places her chosen authors in alphabetical order, giving the volume overall a much more encyclopedic than anthological feel.
In its systematic and premeditated character, its magnitude, its anthological content, and its commercial motivation, the copying done by MDS goes well beyond anything envisioned by the Congress that chose to incorporate the guidelines in the legislative history.
People had some familiarity with scripture, and they were intelligent and had what is sometimes called an anthological style.
Conservative social and political thought probably lends itself to an anthological approach, precisely because of its high degree of disparity.
How smugly would I marvel that she was mine, mine, mine, and revise the recent matitudinal swoon to the moan of the mourning doves, and devise the late afternoon one, and slitting my sun-speared eyes, compare Lolita to whatever other nymphets parsimonious chance collected around her for my anthological delectation and judgement; and today, putting my hand on my ailing heart, I really do not think that any of them ever surpassed her in desirability.
Unlike the anthological THE OUTER LIMITS, the series will feature continuing characters and will build a franchise around a secret society known as The Legacy, whose members delve into the mysteries of human experience and often find themselves protecting humanity from the true evils Of this world.
Bunraku outplays the illusion of a center and is the very image, says Barthes, of the modern text where "the interweaving of codes, references, discrete assertions, anthological gestures multiplies the written line.
His anthological short story entitled "O Leite em Po da Bondade Humana" |"The Powdered Milk of Human Kindness"~ which appears in As Peles Frias--some of the most violent pages ever written about torture--and the kindred as yet unpublished play As Carnes Quebradas place him among those who feel the need to revive that subject, which seems to have disappeared from recent Brazilian memory.
Bragantini refutes the claim of Giovanni Cappello that Boccaccio meant his book to be read as "una serie di segmenti macrotestuali," thereby inviting the reader to relate to it as an anthological structure (178).
This anthological collection of essays edited by Johnson-Woods, President of the Pop Culture Association of Australia, offers a range of perspectives on the subject appealing to fans of Manga and those in the study of media.
One product of anthological reading is arguably its tendency simultaneously to accumulate and condense detail such that it becomes legible as a type: homosexuality.
Ensor had an anthological temperament, a desire to mob the field with atomized bodies or crazy faces.
The translations from the Aeneid, following Du Bellay's and Des Masures's in the 1550s, and preceded by a brief apologetic prologue, form a linear series of anthological passages published along with the Latin text; Peletier selected the tempest episode (book 1), the description of Fame, Nox erat, and Dido's suicide (book 4), ending with the Golden Bough (book 6).