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a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest

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Prasad Vanga, an Investor with Hyderabad Angels and founder of Anthill Ventures would be joining the Board of Directors of SparesHub.
Depending on the species, such anthills can range in size from a tiny pile of sand grains that is less than an inch across to a huge mound several feet high and many cubic yards in volume.
Twelve other sides were involved with Anthill, whose squad was made up of Louis Langfield, Chris Redmile, Paul Jagger, Danny Clare, Paul Shepherd, Glyn Haley and Danny Senior, coming out tops.
The ants worked together, pulling the shiny gold, and round thing toward the anthill.
Wilson's recent novel, Anthill, provides a relevant example of the literary application of some of the principles of systems theory.
More often though, the human form is represented by other means--by an anthill in Dirt, 2011, by a ceiling tile and a cardboard mailer in Triangle/Tube, 2011, and more than once by vases.
Amelia is the most active and athletic ant on the anthill.
So many of us live our busy little ant-hill lives without ever noticing the gigantic universe beyond the anthill.
Metaliko Resources Limited (ASX:MKO) has commenced a 21 hole reverse circulation drilling program on its Anthill Gold Project in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.
However, in the narrative, Achebe's depiction of Beatrice shows that she is created to symbolise the proverbial anthill that survives to tell the tale of the drought.
And wasn't Tom Cruise born to be one of the Anthill Mob?
It has been a quiet year for Ian Wood, but the Lambourn trainer is hoping to have turned the corner after Anthill took Wood's total into double figures for the calendar year when winning the 1m handicap.
In ant-dipping, poking a long, thick stick into an anthill can reap great results.
He is playing outside when he sees an anthill and starts thinking about what was inside.
Lads, I've worked here for thirty years, and this is the first bloody ticket I've ever sold to Anthill Ponds.