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the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

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1] applied as a basal application was unable to maintain adequate shoot K concentration as the crop matured; the mean K concentrations of shoots in -lime and +lime treatments at anthesis were both 1.
Earlier spike emergence and anthesis time was found for SP and F treatments, while all other treatments had similar time for spike emergence and anthesis except the control with maximum days for these traits (Table 2).
Number of leaves per plant on the main culm HS (A), final leaf number in the main culm - FLN (B) and days after sowing (DAS) of the stages of emergence-EM (C), panicle differentiation (R1), anthesis (R4) and physiological maturity (R9) obseved and simulated with the SimulArroz model for three hybrids (PRIME CL, INOV CL and QM 1010 CL) and one conventional cultivar (IRGA 424) of irrigated rice in Rio Grande do Sul in the 2014/2015 growing season
2005), for instance, reported that high temperatures during anthesis might lead to failure in pollination and/or fertilization, which results in reduced viability.
Data were recorded for plant traits including days to 50% Anthesis and Silking, plant and ear height.
Ten popular wheat genotypes were evaluated for drought tolerance by imposing water stress at anthesis stage.
Here, the dioecy is mainly functional based on anthesis duration, pollen amount and viability, and on flower number per inflorescence.
To determine the number of weevils that visited male inflorescences during the anthesis period, we designed 5 plots.
As ryegrass pastures reached heading (April 20) or anthesis stages (April 30), similar harvest management was applied.
The remaining six samples of each treatment were watered and the plants were allowed to grow for an additional two weeks to reach anthesis stage.
Anthesis occurs early in the morning when the stigma becomes receptive and senescence can occur six to 12 hours later, depending on the variety and environmental conditions (FREE, 1993).
05) effect of high temperature on growth and physiological attributes of wheat at anthesis growth stage.
Water stress at anthesis reduces pollination and thus less number of grains is formed per spike which results in the reduction of grain yield [6].