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the male sex organ of spore-producing plants

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ANT: antheridia; ANZ: antherozoids; CAP I: primary capitular cells; CAP II: secondary capitular cells; CES: shield cells; CL: chloroplasts; FAN: antheridial filaments; FLA: flagella; GLO: plastoglobules; INT: internodes; MAN: manubria; NOD; nodes; NUC: nucleo; POL: pore of release; TI: thylakoids.
Antheridial filaments with spermatocytes inside (highlighted in the image).
Dioicous; antheridial branches reddish brown; perigonial leaves shorter and wider than vegetative branch leaves.
Dioicous; antheridial branches brownish orange; perigonial leaves oblong-elliptic with a broad base and an apiculate apex.
The apically biflagellate sperm of Coleochaete, formed in small but distinct antheridial cells, are consistent with sperm of land plants.