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the part of the stamen that contains pollen

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Several sections for each anther developmental stages were investigated with a Zeiss Axiostar plus light microscope.
Not to leave her home country out, she added that she is also preparing anther patriotic song for Tunisia composed by famous Lutfi Abu Shunaq titled "Tunisia Min Fadel Rabi Ali" (A Tunisian, A Gift From God).
He added, "The security forces cordoned off the scene and transported the wounded to Tikrit Teaching Hospital for treatment and the body of the soldier to the forensic medicine department, while anther security force began a campaign of raids and searches in the nearby areas in search of the perpetrators.
The question whether orbicules have an active function in the anther locules (e.
The marvellous wordsmith Ogden Nash said that every time he needed a particular word, he made one up to fit the rhyme: "A panther is a leopard, who hasn't been peppered, If you see a panther crouch, prepare to say ouch, if called by a panther, don't anther.
He added that anther 110kg of narcotics were seized in a series of later operations.
Although the Bears returned two winning cards and two draws and lost by an odd shot on anther rink, it was not enough to offset the 19-shot defeat of Liz Chedgzoy's quartet.
Khartoum, April 17 (SUNA) - Sudan has called for an emergency summit meeting of the African Union's Peace and Security Council and anther Arab meeting at the ministerial level to discuss the aggression of South Sudan State on Heglig area.
Anther Bishop sang her heart out as Le Fay, projecting a character vocally that could easily catch you in her web of sorcery.
The priest informed Monday that a second shelter for the elderly, who cannot afford to pay bills, and for the homeless will be built on anther land plot nearby.
Answering anther question, Minister for Communication Dr Arbab Alamgir told the House that despite financial constraints, all federal government hospitals were providing best possible health facilities to patients.
is a magnet I couple to hotwire filament anther light
Anther allegation levelled at the camera locations is "they are located at places where there seem to be few, if any accidents and injuries".
Either he mean it that he is giving up his alliance to Yemen by declaring anther capital his political capital or he is insane and does not know what is he talking about and in either cases, he deserve no place in our only Capital and must not reclaim my beloved capital SANA'A as his own capital for the rest of his life.
Kathy added she has advised her eldest daughter, who split with Waits as he couldn't handle her celebrity lifestyle, not to look for anther boyfriend, and instead concentrate on spending some quality time with her family.