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the part of the stamen that contains pollen

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Stamen oblong with velvety externally, white, anther crest distinct trilobed.
In this paper, we reported mining of 170 genes predominantly expressed in floral organs through comparative transcriptomic profiling using ESTs of 67 wheat cDNA libraries deposited in GenBank genes and the identification of a few metabolic pathways involved in anther development.
Moreover, in case of death of cattle the recipient women would be provided anther cattle, he maintained.
The transfer of pollen from an anther of a flower to a conspecific stigma is mediated by various biotic and abiotic agents.
This technology consists of stimulation and germination of haploid plants via anther or microspores culture.
Recording of the Times of Stigma Receptivity and Anther Dehiscence.
The results showed that the formation of anther wall conforms to the basic type.
And anther man, Ajaz Latif, 33, of Thorne Road in Thornton Lodge, faces the same conspiracy charge.
Anther highlight is a Quincy Jones-themed concert featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra and Guy Barker Big Band.
For anther thing, uncritical acceptance of democracy has led to 'the will of the majority' being regarded as law and anyone who disagrees is expected to submit like a good democrat.
Anther derived calli showed development of embryogenic masses upon transfer to starvation media (1/2MS salts) however the embryos did not develop further and could not germinate.
It has 8 stamens with oblong anther. Often Azaleas are planted near foundations, steps and decks to soften architectural features [1].
On Thursday, November 20, we will have anther of our successful community coach trips to the Christmas Market in Llandudno.