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the part of the stamen that contains pollen

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22 x 2 mm appendages adnate to the petals for 18-19 mm, (the distal margins free, the proximal margins adnate to petals for 18-19 mm), the free lobes ovate, 3-4 mm long, apex slightly recurved; stamens completely exposed by the recurved petals at anthesis, suberect; filaments terete, white, the antesepalous ones free, the antepetalous ones shortly adnate to the petals; anthers linear, 7-8 mm long, base sagittate, apex obtuse, fixed near the base, shorter than the petals; pollen narrowly ellipsoid, sulcate, exine broadly reticulate, lumina rounded, muri narrowed; style exceeding the petals, white; stigma conduplicate, blades subspreading, densely papillose, white, ca.
Photographs with a Scanning Electronic Microscope (Jeol Scanning Microscope JSM II) were taken to analyse stigma and anther morphology.
Therefore, the objective of the present study was to investigate the inheritance of anther extrusion and other spikelet traits in [F.
Tenders are invited for Anther care pvt ltd br bullion exg zone mumbai south
The transfer of pollen from an anther of a flower to a conspecific stigma is mediated by various biotic and abiotic agents.
The results showed that the formation of anther wall conforms to the basic type.
In addition to the above, yet anther case of corruption known as AL Moiz is also under process with NAB.
And anther man, Ajaz Latif, 33, of Thorne Road in Thornton Lodge, faces the same conspiracy charge.
Anther highlight is a Quincy Jones-themed concert featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra and Guy Barker Big Band.
For anther thing, uncritical acceptance of democracy has led to 'the will of the majority' being regarded as law and anyone who disagrees is expected to submit like a good democrat.
and Siphocampylus Pohl by the broad (versus narrow) apex of the anther tube, the fleshy, indehiscent fruits (versus capsules in most Siphocampylus spp.
Anther derived calli showed development of embryogenic masses upon transfer to starvation media (1/2MS salts) however the embryos did not develop further and could not germinate.
Notably, there is not enough information about anther structure and male gametophyte developmental stages of Azalea alexander L.
On Thursday, November 20, we will have anther of our successful community coach trips to the Christmas Market in Llandudno.
Not to leave her home country out, she added that she is also preparing anther patriotic song for Tunisia composed by famous Lutfi Abu Shunaq titled "Tunisia Min Fadel Rabi Ali" (A Tunisian, A Gift From God).