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Synonyms for anthem

song of praise

Synonyms for anthem

a song of devotion or loyalty (as to a nation or school)

a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation)

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A securities analyst asked Boudreaux whether she wants Anthem to emulate competitors and move to a model that offers "a lot more than largely an insurance product.
The official duration of the anthem is 52 seconds, though what is usually played in cinema halls exceeds that length.
In the 1960s, the national anthem would be played at the end of the film.
com, when Cuomo played a clip of the president singing the anthem wherein he appeared to miss a few words of "The Star-Spangled Banner" which the latter claimed everyone should respect, Scaramucci was quick to reply that POTUS knows the words to the National Anthem 1000 percent.
Earlier in the morning, Sidhu took to Twitter to slam people who do not stand up for national anthem in the cinema halls.
It cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for national anthem, then he is less patriotic," the Bench said.
In light of yesterdays decision and Cignas refusal to support the merger, however, Anthem has delivered to Cigna a notice terminating the Merger Agreement.
In asking for this high court review, Anthem cited Judge Kavanaugh, who concluded in his dissent, "the record evidence decisively demonstrates that this merger would be beneficial to the employer-customers who obtain insurance services from Anthem and Cigna.
The Anthem unit answered 18 of the inquiries 30 or more days late, according to a copy of a consent order posted on the Maine insurance bureau website.
In an order issued to the state governments and other law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Home Affairs has told the agencies to initiate action against those who are found disrespecting the anthem and the state emblem.
An Anthem member who has been pre-approved for an imaging procedure receives a call from an Anthem outreach specialist, who provides information about other less expensive, but still high-quality imaging providers in the area.
God Save the Queen is generally thought of as our national anthem, but this is just by custom over many years, not actually by an act of Parliament.
Reports reveal that 'the National Anthem of Tamil Eelam in praise of the North and East Provinces' released during this conference held on November 13 and 14 was received by conference delegates with applause and joy.
An incomplete list of anthem subgenres included in The Rapture's Tapes DJ mix: Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500," Non-Nerdy Rap Abstractions Breakbeat Anthem; Junkyard Band's "The Word," Fuck Reagan Go-Go Anthem; Vaughan Mason & Crew's "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll," Roller Skating .
On September 14, schools and communities across the nation will sing "The Star Spangled Banner" to celebrate the anniversary of our national anthem.