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Post-treatment testing will also be offered to determine the level of anthelmintic resistance.
a range of tactics to delay anthelmintic resistance.
Seminars FIVE seminars at the event will cover a range of topics, from biosecurity to sheep worrying and anthelmintic resistance.
Parasite or "helminth" infections can be quite easily treated and controlled by the use of one of the many anthelmintics available, but over use in sheep and horses has resulted in increasing levels of anthelmintic resistance by endoparasites.
With anthelmintic resistance on the increase it is something farmers cannot afford to ignore
These have included a suggestion ewes may be less susceptible to Schmallenberg and are less affected by the anthelmintic resistance of older wormers.
Congress will also present sessions on contentious issue debates and continued profession development for vets - on large farm and food animal issues such as bluetongue, anthelmintic resistance, and achieving a balance in veterinary medicine use.
As well as being good-skinned sheep, the Geldards have found the breed also has a natural resistance to worms, which not only helps with problems of anthelmintic resistance but keeps finished lambs cleaner to meet current MHS regulations.
He said: ``Government has recognised the threat that anthelmintic resistance poses and these new recommendations are intended to help slow its progress.