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Synonyms for diameter

Synonyms for diameter

the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference

a straight line connecting the center of a circle with two points on its perimeter (or the center of a sphere with two points on its surface)

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When Vitamin D deficiency is corrected, the palate rises by eliminating hypotonia in the soft palate muscle, anteroposterior diameter of the air column and the column of the air space increases, and thickness of the soft palate decreases with the contraction of muscles.
Kaplan-Meier curve showing incidence of progression of hydronephrosis stratifying by anteroposterior diameter.
The initial anterior displacement of the anterior column at the moment of the impact caused an enlargement of the anteroposterior diameter of the acetabulum allowing the femoral head to migrate medially fracturing the quadrilateral surface to the inner pelvis.
AP: Anteroposterior diameter RI: Resistance index UF: Uterine fundus RPOC: Retained products of conception.
a refer to the height and width of fossa intercondyloidea, b refer to the height of lateral intercondylar barren, c refer to the size of ACL femoral footprint, d refer to the size of ACL tibial footprint, e refer to the degree of ACL femoral footprint, f refer to the anteroposterior diameter of ACL tibial footprint, g refer to the length of ACL femoral footprint, h refer to the width of fossa intercondyloidea
An increase in the anteroposterior diameter of the renal pelvis and a decrease in parenchymal thickness on consecutive US evaluations reflect the compliance of the renal pelvis but together are an indication for surgery when accompanied by loss of renal function.
A transverse window at the level of the vocal cords is used for proper measurement, and then the anteroposterior diameter is measured at the midline from the skin of the trachea to 15 mm of the right and left sides.
We measured maximum anteroposterior diameter of IVC (IVCd-max) at end expiration just caudal to the confluence of the hepatic veins in longitudinal plane using M mode and leading edge technique (inner edge to inner edge of vessel wall).
The uterine area was calculated by the formula uterine length X anteroposterior diameter in cm2.
In 1912, the generally accepted average measurements of the eyeball diameters taken by various authors were 24.26 mm for the anteroposterior diameter, 23.7 mm for the transverse diameter, and 23.57 mm for the vertical diameter [10].
(1), (2) The absence of decussation of the superior cerebellar peduncular fibre tracts causes decreased anteroposterior diameter of the midbrain and a deep interpeduncular fossa.
This deformity leads to a reduced anteroposterior diameter of the chest causing a compression or "pancaking" of the heart and great vessels so as to appear enlarged.
Most impingements occurred on the anterior side of the proximal femur, indicating the anteroposterior diameter of the InterTan may not match well Chinese proximal femurs.
In the fossil from Quartz Mountain Canal, anteroposterior diameter at base of C1 is 20.1 mm and transverse width is 12.0 mm, contrasting with 15 and 11 mm for these measurements, respectively, for the Mylohyus from Alva mentioned above (Johnston, 1937).
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