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Similarly, given an estimated basal anterograde transport rate of about 75 mm/d at 18 [degrees]C (our overnight incubation temperature), anterograde transport from soma to synapse (2.
Hence, although our experiments indicate that active axonal transport is essential for LTF, they do not determine whether anterograde transport alone, retrograde transport alone, or both, are critically involved.
Anterograde transport is probably the most straightforward mechanism by which the soma might transmit newly synthesized molecules to the synapse, where they could lead to the expression of LTF.
Similarly, proteins newly synthesized in the soma and carried by anterograde transport would not reach the distal synaptic terminals until after a comparable time period, producing a potential round trip approaching a day.
Each kinase seems to have opposing effects on transport, perhaps indicating differential effects on NF binding to the transport motors kinesin and dynein, altering retrograde and anterograde transport differentially.
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