anterograde amnesia

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Synonyms for anterograde amnesia

loss of memory for events immediately following a trauma

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Murugadoss' psychological thriller cast mir as a victim of anterograde amnesia (or short- term memory loss).
This search revealed reports listed as transient amnesia, transient global amnesia, wandering amnesia, anterograde amnesia, dissociative amnesia, and retrograde amnesia.
The head injury had resulted in loss of consciousness for 5 hours and anterograde amnesia for 2 days.
In addition, the patient may experience retrograde and anterograde amnesia relative to the seizure.
16) Anterograde amnesia is a deficit in forming new memory after the injury ("do you remember being evaluated after the injury?
The symptom markers measured involved loss of consciousness, anterograde amnesia (loss of memory of events after injury), retrograde amnesia (loss of memory of events before injury), and confusion.
The inability of the brain to lay down new memories is known as anterograde amnesia.
His "condition", anterograde amnesia, tragically hampers this full realization.