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Here we replace the Euclidean distance by utilizing Anterograde tracing by which the complexity is reduced to a greater extend by iterative processing and also the capacity enhancement is also made alternatively and is explained mathematically.
Belinda Morrissey is one of many critics who have linked the film's non-chronological structure to Leonard's experience of anterograde amnesia, discussing how, like Leonard, the spectator is 'constantly surprised [...] as we enter scenes that have no meaning for us'.
At the end of each operation, a flexible pyelocalycealscopy and an anterograde pyelogram were performed, and in all cases the patients resulted 100% stone-free.
In terms of the proximal entry point for an anterograde intramedullary nailing, the surgeon has a choice of a piriformis start point and a greater trochanteric start point.
Her mini mental status examination (MMSE) score was 20/30 demonstrating disorientation in time, dyscalculia, mild anterograde amnesia, and decreased digit span.
Anterograde intramedullary nailing of the left femur with a femoral reconstruction nail was performed the next morning.
These events occurred periodically and irregularly several times each day and were associated with transient anterograde amnesia.
Conclusions: Neuronal damage of the VTA by 6-OHDA might induce VTA-mPFC nerve fibers to undergo anterograde nerve damage, in turn inducing transneuronal damage of the mPFC.
The radiofrequency current was used at the maximal range of 65W, 60 degrees (4 applications of 15 sec) with intact anterograde conduction during which slow-fast nodal rhythm was obtained, which limited the amount of radiofrequency current used.
The protagosnist suffers from a condition called anterograde amnesia (aka short term memory loss) that happens due to damage to the hippocampus where the brain is unable to commit any information to long term memory.
This unique finding of anterograde amnesia with loss of procedural memory that correlates imaging has not been characterized to our knowledge.
At ten years old, she suffered a surgical accident which resulted in anterograde amnesia.
Specifically, anterograde interference occurs when the learning task A interferes with or delays the successive learning of task B; retrograde interference, instead, occurs when the successive learning of task B interferes with the successful performance of previously learned task A.
So, an emergent nephrostomy tube was inserted and he was discharged with indwelling urinary catheter and follow-up plans for revision and placement of another anterograde ureteric stent.