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the quality of being in front or (in lower animals) toward the head

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Meanwhile, the external factors regarded the intellectual anteriority, innovation, market, public policies and the society.
anteriority accompany and fortify the nominal, biological, and
They are chosen, not for their anteriority, but for their generality, as they replicate, in the writer's view, significant existential problems.
Neither agent expresses any desire to forestall the devastating war relative to which they exist in a confounding condition both of anteriority and posteriority.
With respect to the Knee Chest procedure, the lateral cervical view is used to determine atlas anteriority, if the atlas is anterior or posterior under the occipital condyles and if the axis (C2) is posterior and/or inferior (Figure 6a).
Following a revival of interest in the history of the swidden, we may ask to what extent swiddening, far from having 'an ill-defined anteriority' to colonial or state development, did not even arise as a decentralizing, outward-looking, liberating agent of ethnic affirmation (Scott 2009), but rather as a centralizing, inward-looking, and state-compliant agent of subordination--less at the margins of state power than right in the grip of it.
In Green's physiogony, living nature is overcome by the spirit and reduced to pure anteriority. The gradual separation of these two poles is the aim in Coleridge's own presentations of the ascending series.
Despite the unavailability of Africa as a space of anteriority, I argue that Mafarka nonetheless enacts the nostalgic ideologic of mal d'Africa.
In view of some solutions of international jurisprudence, the doctrine has formed a trend, according to which, in the context of peaceful settlement of disputes, we can talk about a rule regarding the anteriority of negotiations (Besteliu, 1998: 306).
in this collection are probably meant to be exposed, all of which seem to encourage the reader to incorporate the chapters of the book not in a synchronic structure but rather along the time of future anteriority. The call for ethical responsibility is definitely not one fully unfolding just before An Aesthetic Education appeared in print, but has already happened in the past in a way not quite recognizable and articulated as it is.
Yet if allegory implies "an unreachable anteriority" (Becker 222), it is also, de Man writes, a prefiguration.
It is important to acknowledge that despite critics such as Michael Chapman (Literatures, "Telling") tending to obscure a resilient communal consciousness in the anteriority of black English writing and those like Clarkson under-decoding it in the early 21st century, gravitation towards such a collective cultural identity continues to characterise black literature in the post-apartheid, and perhaps for other South African literatures transnational context of today.
The material manifestation depends entirely on the anteriority of immaterial spirit, in this case and in particular, the pure and eternal actuality that is the preexistent Logos.
As Thomas Wall explains, "imaginary matter--matter that is its own image and that only appears in poetry (but remains unseen, unobserved, unperceived, silent)--is matter as such, in its ipseity or origin (What is ipseity if not origin, anteriority, something as itself as such, prior to its predicative involvements in the world?)." (13) Here, the imaginary matter is not the synthesis of a dialectic process.