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the quality of being in front or (in lower animals) toward the head

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Despite the unavailability of Africa as a space of anteriority, I argue that Mafarka nonetheless enacts the nostalgic ideologic of mal d'Africa.
In view of some solutions of international jurisprudence, the doctrine has formed a trend, according to which, in the context of peaceful settlement of disputes, we can talk about a rule regarding the anteriority of negotiations (Besteliu, 1998: 306).
For Firmin, the anteriority of Black Egypt's civilization provides an eloquent refutation of the notion of innate White superiority.
It is important to acknowledge that despite critics such as Michael Chapman (Literatures, "Telling") tending to obscure a resilient communal consciousness in the anteriority of black English writing and those like Clarkson under-decoding it in the early 21st century, gravitation towards such a collective cultural identity continues to characterise black literature in the post-apartheid, and perhaps for other South African literatures transnational context of today.
The material manifestation depends entirely on the anteriority of immaterial spirit, in this case and in particular, the pure and eternal actuality that is the preexistent Logos.
The son is consigned to death by life itself in the secret of time's "unreachable" and "unreadable" anteriority (Robbins 92).
Radiocarbon dates, therefore, cannot be taken to demonstrate the chronological anteriority of the western Anatolian Neolithic over the Greek one.
The Draft gives very little consideration to intangible anteriority or legacy in a specific MNE.
Simplicity is related to anteriority, which is in turn related to authority.
And in outlining the logic of these "new histories" in Ireland After History as an "instructive corrective to the self-evidence of developmental historiographies which over and again relegate difference to anteriority," Lloyd anticipates, in abstract form, the case studies provided in Irish Culture and Colonial Modernity 1800-2000.
I see this as a core theme that remains largely unexplored by Burney scholars who call the novel "essential reading for feminist literary historians as well as for anyone interested in the culture of revolution and reaction" (Johnson 167) and say that it "elaborates a feminized anteriority of practice unacknowledged by Bourdieu .
As Rita Barnard points out, it is the narrative form taken by the state that is of interest to Coetzee as a writer: the state's narrative production of its own temporal anteriority not only renders its citizens subject, unable to dissolve or escape the state, but, as Barnard has suggestively argued, serves to render its own origins unimaginable (2008: 543).
Khora is a kind of atemporal anteriority, a womb that receives but also serves as a source for admonition.
In this section, we use the anteriority index in the decision processes for simulation and data visualization.
Dufrenne argues that this relation cannot be one of simple anteriority.