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Use of lingual frenum in determining the original vertical position of mandibular anterior teeth. J Prosthet Dent 1999;82(2):177-80.
Later, Zachrisson (21) applied triple-stranded wires to all anterior teeth in his studies.
Establishment of 3D finite element models of microimplants-lingual straight wire appliance during retracting maxillary anterior teeth. One normal cranial bone with normal tooth, complete dentition and symmetrical arch were selected and scanned with cone-beam CT (KAVO, German).
Caption: Figure 1: Case report 1--clinical picture showing that the patient was treated by fixed mechanotherapy after extraction of all the four first premolars for proclined upper and lower anterior teeth
Although the results were not statistically significant, the percentage of patients reporting pain at the posterior teeth was greater than at the anterior teeth. It is logical because the appliance was bonded to the posterior teeth and the expansion pattern during RME results in dentoalveolar expansion (also dental tipping) being larger than skeletal expansion.
A diversity of techniques have been used for intracanal reinforcement of anterior teeth, such as metal screw posts, Ni-Cr coil spring posts, short composite posts, biologic posts which are procured from a tooth bank, short wire posts (omega or gamma loop), ready-made glass fibre posts, and polyethylene fibre posts/Ribbond.
Prevalence of Traumatic Dental Injuries to the Permanent Anterior Teeth among 9to 14-year-old Schoolchildren of Navi Mumbai (KhargharBelapur Region), India.
In anterior teeth, the most common choice for DPC was MTA (GD: 50%; PD: 42%), and the same was observed for DPC in posterior teeth (GD: 50%; PD: 43%) (Table 3).
This article presents the stages of esthetic rehabilitation of a patient with severe fluorosis including Direct Laminte (composite) veneering for mandibular anterior teeth and Indirect Laminate (ceramic) veneering for maxillary anterior teeth and its success in one year follow-ups is discussed.
Neff5 developed the anterior coefficient; a method to compare the widths of the anterior teeth in the upper arch with that of the the teeth in the lower.
Posterior teeth were extracted more frequently than anterior teeth. Based on tooth location, significant differences were found for teeth extracted due to caries and for trauma.
Anterior teeth had more caries (n=139, 43.4%) than posterior and upper jaw teeth had more caries (n=171, 53.4%) than lower jaw.
2014, the extracted tooth presented no esthetic problems, but the pontic was build up with composite because of the difference of the shape of the adjacent teeth and presence of malalignement of the anterior teeth.
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