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It was found in the present study that the position and type of the tooth are as factors influencing the prevalence of pain experience by the patients so that in both jaws, the prevalence of pain in posterior teeth was higher than in anterior teeth.
12) The issue is whether we can use leeway space to offset crowded anterior teeth.
2,3) These molar relationships can affect the occlusion of the anterior teeth in predictable but not absolute ways.
Fixed finger with three anterior teeth, one intermediate and one principal tooth, graded in size from distal to proximal III, V, I, IV, II.
In a study of 12 patients with the condition, the anterior teeth were noted to be widely spaced and flared.
In some cases the lower anterior teeth are 2 to 3 mm.
Earlier this year, we launched SimpliClear[TM] Express, which was suitable for limited cases, such as orthodontic relapses or mild misalignments involving the front anterior teeth.
Thirty-four extracted single-canal anterior teeth were used in the present study.
In addition, if most of the patient's anterior teeth exist before the bridge teeth are prepared, a separate pre-operative impression of the unprepared teeth should be made and sent to the laboratory (Fig.
However, generalised decalcification was still evident, particularly affecting the anterior teeth.
Smoking methamphetamine causes more severe damage to the anterior teeth since toxic and corrosive fumes from the drug directly contact those teeth while the drug is inhaled.
Digital fiber-optic transillumination: Clinicians have routinely used transillumination to identify lesions located on the interproximal surfaces of anterior teeth.
The prevalence of TDI to anterior teeth was much higher in the primary than in the permanent dentition [Otuyemi et al.
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