anterior synechia

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adhesion between the iris and the cornea

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The closed system of the procedure reduces complications such as intraoperative expulsive hemorrhage, anterior synechia, cataract, and angle narrowing.
In case 2, the brown nodules on the surface of the iris and the anterior synechia appearing in the same place as the nodules found by slit-lamp and gonioscope was unique to glaucoma.
Lens matter was seen in the anterior chamber (AC) of 2 patients vitreous in AC in 3 patients hyphema in 3 patients hypopyon in 2 patients anterior synechia in 2 patients lens into the AC in 2 keratitis in 1patient.
Besides angle recession and peripheral anterior synechia, other findings on gonioscopy included iridodialysis (2 patients), cyclodialysis (1 patient), blood clots in the angle, heavy pigmentation of trabecular meshwork, convex iris and haptic of PCIOL lodged in the angle.
Gonioscopic examination revealed completely closed angles and no anterior synechia was observed with indentation.
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