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examination of the nasal passages (either through the anterior nares or with a rhinoscope through the nasopharynx)

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Anterior rhinoscopy showed a deviated septum to the right side with no anomalies detected in the nasal cavity.
Rarely, where a diagnosis of CRS is strongly suspected but with normal anterior rhinoscopy or endoscopy findings.
Anterior rhinoscopy of the right nasal chamber revealed a right septal deviation but no other significant pathology.
On examination, anterior rhinoscopy revealed that the septum was mildly deviated to the right.
Anterior rhinoscopy detected a hypertrophic left inferior turbinate, which was bony hard on palpation.
Anterior rhinoscopy identified a firm fullness on the left inferior lateral nasal wall.
Anterior rhinoscopy revealed patent nares and a midline septum.
Anterior rhinoscopy revealed a left septal deviation and nasal obstruction with profuse discharge, but no other significant pathology.
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