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examination of the nasal passages (either through the anterior nares or with a rhinoscope through the nasopharynx)

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Technique and instruments commonly employed for removal of foreign body in ear were Crocodile micro ear forceps under microscope and Rose Eustachian tube catheter by anterior rhinoscopy in nose similar to the various techniques described by Davis et al.
A diagnosis of rhinolithiasis may be solely clinical, occurring after direct visualization by anterior rhinoscopy or nasal endoscopy.
Anterior rhinoscopy and endoscopic examination of the left side of nose indicated a prominent swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose without polypoid changes.
On anterior rhinoscopy there were congestive hyperemia of nasal mucosa on both sides.
Anterior rhinoscopy can be performed using a light or otoscope to inspect the anterior nasal cavity.
Anterior rhinoscopy can usually identify signs that are consistent with inflammation in CRS, such as purulent drainage, polyps, and polypoid changes.
Patients who had a nasal septum deformity revealed by anterior rhinoscopy or endoscopic nasal examination were eligible for the study.
Clinical examination was done by anterior rhinoscopy and Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy in all patients.
Pre- and postoperatively, anterior rhinoscopy was performed to analyze mucosal status, and mucociliary clearance was measured by using the saccharin transit time (STT) method.
Clinical examination revealed on Anterior Rhinoscopy, a firm reddish mass in 20 patients, a mass on Posterior Rhinoscopy in 21 patients; 05 patients presented with cheek swelling and 04 with a bulging mass in the Nasopharynx (Table 6).
Anterior rhinoscopy examination showed septal deviation in 36.
The physical examination revealed a right-sided, reddish mass on anterior rhinoscopy.
Examination should include anterior rhinoscopy and rigid endoscopy.
Anterior rhinoscopy detected a smooth, well-demarcated, protruding, 0.
All the above patients were first thoroughly examined in Outpatient Department by Anterior Rhinoscopy with Bull's eye lamp.
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