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Belongs apparently to the nominotypical genus; a characteristic lateral line or thin band from snout to beginning of caudal, broader in its anterior part (up to about the sixth scale--anterior pattern as in some Pyrrhulina) and the absence of fasciae (at least in vivo).
Pronotal hood large, extending obviously over head; anterior part of median pronotal carina more or less elevated above lateral carinae; corium with tumid elevation 7
The findings reveal that the apparent axial center of rotation in the L spine for an individual spinal unit is located in regions 1 and 2, corresponding to the posterior border of the vertebral endplates and the anterior part of the spinal canal, with the L segments demonstrating an apparent axial center of rotation slightly anterior to the T segments.
The most anterior part also includes a short, narrow excretory duct (d) that latero-ventrally branches off the reservoir to reach the ozopores (Figs.
Autapomorphies of the genus include: the strongly modified ocular plate and anterior part of the carapace, the strongly inflated anterolateral part of the carapace, the operculiform antennae, and the presence of a mat of dense spinules on the flexor surfaces of the propodi of the third to fifth pereopods.
It has been estimated that less than 5% of eye drops could reach the anterior part of eyes and less than one millionth of a drop could reach the retina through topical drug delivery (1)(2).
Those of brucellar spondylitis include predilection for lumbar spine, moderate paraspinal abnormal soft tissue, well-defined paraspinal abnormal signal, diffuse, but solely anterior part involvement, and no spinal deformity.
Fuji Heavy Industries has established a new factory in Handa, Aichi Prefecture, to make a center wing, while Kawasaki Heavy Industries -- in charge of the anterior part of the body -- has built a factory in Yatomi, Aichi Prefecture.
The lateral line is interrupted; the count of the anterior part is given first, followed by a plus sign and the peduncular part.
Two patients who had postoperative pain and clicking in the anterior part of the knee were noted to have fat pad fibrosis and scar in the anterior part of the knee upon arthroscopy.
The effects of Cd seemed to extend to other areas of the brain, namely, the anterior part of the nucleus glomerulosus (NGa; Figure 2c) of the diencephalic pretectal region that is involved, via mesencephalic circuits, with the regulation of visual motor functions in teleosts (Kaslin and Panula 2001).
Some authors provide more precise descriptions, such as the medial lip of the iliac crest (Wood Jones 1953), the posterior part of the inner lip of the iliac crest (Romanes 1972; Woodburne and Burkel 1988), the upper and anterior part of the iliac tuberosity (Hanson and Sonesson 1994), the anterior portion of the iliac tuberosity and anterior margin and apex of the iliac crest (Rucco et al.
Aside from the dangers of fundal pressure, the pressure on the anterior part of the shoulder can abduct the shoulder girdle, making it bigger and more difficult to get out.
no punishment had proved effective, by simply cutting off the anterior part of the foreskin with jagged scissors.
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