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m long); head and anterior part of trunk wide, dorsoventrally flattened, posterior part of trunk and caudal fin laterally compressed; paired pectoral fins, single dorsal and anal fin, and hypocercal caudal fin present; caudal fin strongly heterocercal in young individuals, becoming nearly symmetrical in adults; orbits on anterolateral corners of head; scale morphology variable depending on position on body; pulp cavity single, occasionally continuing as pulp canal posteriorly; dentine tubules long, narrow, straight.
Speckletail flounder is the only California flatfish with the following characters in combination: left-eyed; small mouth (reaching anterior part of eye); jaw teeth only on the blind side; a narrow interorbital crest between the eye with a backward facing spine; dorsal and anal fins separate from caudal fin; rounded caudal fin with four to five dark blotches; five to six curved dusky bands on blind side of body; lateral line of eyed side with high arch over the pectoral fin and a short bifurcating branch anteriorly, and no lateral line on blind side; and asymmetrical pelvic fins with that of eyed side on ventral midline, having longer base, and beginning two rays more anteriorly than that of blind side.
The initial focus is NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) for the treatment of diseases affecting both the anterior part of the eye, such as neurotrophic keratitis (NK) and dry eye, as well as the posterior part of the eye such as glaucoma.
Several smooth troughlike grooves run from the neck onto the anterior part of the crown across its anterolateral edges.
Colloid cysts are benign lesions, found in the anterior part of the roof of the third ventricle.
Concavity of anterior part of sacrum increases the depth of pelvic cavity.
It may consist of a complete rib, but often the bone is present only for a variable distance, the anterior part being made of a fibrous band.
Tenth abdominal segment pentagonal-like with flat apex and 3 prominent setae on dorsal margin in the anterior part (Fig.
1V (MZFC 18350); anal sheath grooved medially, opening at midlevel of thighs; thoracic and tarsal folds absent; posterior part of belly, chest, ventromedial part of thighs, and anterior part of throat deep purplish with brassy pigment; flank and posterior surfaces of thighs black with yellow spots and green cast (Mendelson and Toal 1996; see Adler and Dennis 1972 for coloration characters).
Group 1 was treated with Dinoprostone gel (a) @ 3 gm deposited in anterior part of vagina along with inj.
An intraoral examination revealed that patient was edentulous and there was 6x4cm multi nodular black- ish growth on anterior part of hard palate.
takacsi Kontschan 4 One pair of large and one pair of small strongly sclerotized areas situated on anterior part of dorsal shield, genital shield of female covered by oval pits T.
Anterior part of second infraorbital overlaying anterior part of first infraorbital; its posterior margin extends below third infraorbital.
The posterior part of the fishes had significantly higher infection than the anterior part (P=0.
Other complications included drooling and intermittent bleeding from the anterior part of the tongue.
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