anterior cerebral artery

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one of two branches of the internal carotid artery

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Unilateral interhemispheric keyhole approach for anterior cerebral artery aneurysms.
Caption: Figure 2: Magnetic resonance angiography of cerebral vessels showing abrupt cut-off of the left middle cerebral artery (red circle) and narrowing of the left anterior cerebral artery
Studies [18,19] which investigated hemodynamic ability of the Willis circle found that anterior cerebral artery with recorded diameter of 0.
Blood flow in the anterior cerebral artery from both sides was not subject to location detection.
The sound waves penetrate through the skull, pass through brain tissue and are reflected from the middle cerebral artery, the anterior cerebral artery and the posterior cerebral artery.
After the ICA's second branch, the anterior cerebral artery, it is called the middle cerebral artery.
There was evidence of vasospasm of the anterior cerebral artery complex, and he deteriorated clinically with evidence of symptomatic delayed ischemic neurological deficit (DIND) 3 days after surgery (8 days after SAH).
Compromise of the anterior cerebral artery, which supplies the medial surfaces of frontal and parietal lobes and part of the cingulate gyrus, may result in confusion, personality changes, incontinence, and contralateral motor or sensory loss with the lower extremity commonly more affected than the upper extremity (Cammeyer & Appledorn, 1996; Hickey, 1997) (see Table 1).
Type A: Unilateral ICA agenesis; flow into the ipsilateral anterior cerebral artery (ACA) via the anterior communicating artery (AComm), and flow into the ipsilateral middle cerebral artery (MCA) via flow through the ipsilateral posterior communicating artery (PComm).
This "competes" in size with the frontal polar branch of the anterior cerebral artery.
Fu et al2425 concluded that MCA and anterior cerebral artery (ACA) PI were both significantly lower in the brain-sparing flow group (n=8) during basal conditions p (or =0.
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