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Synonyms for aspect

Synonyms for aspect

a disposition of the facial features that conveys meaning, feeling, or mood

the way something or someone looks

an outward appearance

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for aspect

a distinct feature or element in a problem

a characteristic to be considered

Related Words

the beginning or duration or completion or repetition of the action of a verb

the feelings expressed on a person's face

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They demonstrated that the axial resolution was higher in AS-OCT compared to USB and that AS-OCT was superior in visualizing lesions involving the lateral and anterior aspects of the iris.
The tibial tubercle serves as an attachment for the patellar tendon and is located at the proximal, anterior aspect of the tibia between the anterior borders of the lateral and medial tibial condyles.
A 15-year old girl presented to our clinic with a complaint of hypertrichosis on the anterior aspect of the neck which had been lasting for the last five years.
The specific cause can be difficult to diagnose as the aetiology remains poorly understood and there are various pathologic entities that can result in pain in the anterior aspect of knee.
The CT revealed a mass which was bridging from anterior aspect of coxofemoral joint to the trochanter minor with a large attachment (Figure 2).
The pain was constant, sharp, stabbing, and aching in nature and ran down the anterior aspect of both legs.
Salivary stains over angle of mouth and anterior aspect of chest over cloths were observed in 67 (66.
On examination, he had an active pressure ulcer of grade III over the anterior aspect of the right knee and a healing pressure ulcer of grade II over the left knee (Figure 2).
Because the patient had such diversified skin lesions, it was decided to obtain four punch biopsy specimens from representative areas: an erythematous patch on the anterior aspect of the chest, a typical poikilodermatous patch on the right flank, a lichenoid papule on the right thigh, and the plaque on the anterior aspect of the left shin (Fig.
A 63-year-old woman was examined by a doctor after she had had pain in the anterior aspect of the right knee for a year.
5 cm) with a radioopaque focus at the anterior aspect of a concha bullosa, immediately opposite the ostium of an opacified maxillary sinus (Figure 1).
4) It occurs most often in females, usually located in the anterior aspect of the maxilla, presenting as a well circumscribed radiolucency that may induce root resorption.
Woods described a rotational maneuver that is performed by placing the left hand on the mother's abdomen to provide judicious downward thrust on the fetal buttocks while simultaneously using the fingers of the right hand, placed on the ANTERIOR aspect of the shoulder, to create a clockwise rotational force on the fetus.
1 a & b show enlarged spleen with a large non-enhancing hypoattenuating area involving the anterior aspect of spleen consistent with splenic infarct.
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