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Synonyms for antepenultimate

the 3rd syllable of a word counting back from the end

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third from last

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Suffixes, ity and, rious shift primary stress placement to the antepenultimate (third from the last) syllable.
The caudal skeleton had 3 epurais, the urostyle, a small uroneural dorsal to the urostyle, 4 hypurals, and 2 autogenous haemal arches on the antepenultimate and penultimate vertebrae.
Finally, in "The Golden Boy" (one of the parts of the antepenultimate narrative arc World's End), a human character named Brant Tucker reveals that, in the fictional period depicted in the story, the president of the United States is Bill Clinton.
15) For example, "inevitable" is used once in the antepenultimate paragraph and once in the penultimate paragraph.
3: 219-235), Page argues that the poem's antepenultimate line ("So passed the strong heroic soul away" [l.
Depending on stress location, words are classified as: (a) oxitone (stress on the last syllable), (b) paroxitone (stress on the penultimate syllable) and, (c) proparoxytone (stress on the antepenultimate syllable) (19-21).
benevolus from bene and volo) as well as extending the regula of final syllables (lists of common suffixes) to apply to penultimate and antepenultimate syllables (e.
2% were studying the antepenultimate year of high school (1 of bachillerato) and 18.
on the antepenultimate syllable of the phrase) or on the final syllable.
She misses an article before papel 'paper' and interes 'interest' and she uses penultimate stress on the word ultimo, as opposed to normative antepenultimate ultimo.
section]) Melt-MAMA primer sequences; primer tails and antepenultimate mismatch bases are in lower case.
Both of these poems require detailed knowledge of metrical rules if the reader is to identify them as metrically perfect: at the end of hemistiches, in the middle of verses, they both utilize words with tonic stress on the last or the antepenultimate syllable, requiring an adjustment of the number of syllables assigned to that hemistich.
The antepenultimate internode length in the longest branch was evaluated at 60, 75 and 90 DAP, and the length of major branch was evaluated at 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 DAP.
In the latter case the stress shifts on the antepenultimate syllable.