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Synonyms for antepenultimate

the 3rd syllable of a word counting back from the end

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third from last

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In this study, we used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to examine ontogenetic differences in TAPs among cosmetid harvestmen by comparing the morphology of these clusters on tarsi IV of antepenultimate nymphs with those of adults.
where [[mu].sub.1] = 1/[P.sub.1]; the antepenultimate step is derived by noting that [H.sub.k,i] are i.i.d.
But it was in the unrevised, antepenultimate paragraph of the essay itself that Stevenson paid another kind of unwitting homage and unknowingly anticipated the extent to which Thoreau would eventually dwarf him: "if Thoreau had possessed as great a power of persuasion as (let us say) Falstaff, if he had counted a party however small, if his example had been followed by a hundred or by thirty of his fellows, I cannot but believe it would have greatly precipitated the era of freedom and justice" (Familiar Studies 172).
Marr/Malloy characterizes this plague as "the antepenultimate assault on the Egyptians' existing food supply, which would be further tested by the eighth plague" (Ex.
These suffixes in English Language are called shifter, they shift strong stress to the antepenultimate (third from the last), similarly penultimate (second from the last), and ultimately (last) syllables, as well as those suffixes that do not shift strong stress to other syllable.
If the right-headed constituent is a stem, a compound-specific rule is applied according to which stress is assigned to the antepenultimate syllable of the compound (Nespor & Ralli 1994: 201, 1996: 357, Revithiadou 1997, 1999: 183).
The blood pressure was measured between the antepenultimate and the last repetition of each set.
The adhortative and exhortative character of the book under consideration is further strengthened by the occurrence of numerous instances of the so called first person imperative, as in "Our wills to his word now let us frame" (1687, B1v), and third person imperative, "Let not thy tongue, # at the table walke" (1582, B2v; see also the antepenultimate line in Figure 2 as well as example 5), both with the verb LET, amounting collectively to 25 (32.2 per 10,000 words) in 1582 and 27 (35.8) in 1687.
What removes all doubt, however, that Cooper knew and used Smith's book, is the latter's antepenultimate plate which is dominated by a depiction of two disembarked elephants (Fig.
Nathan Gilbert, Melanie Racette-Campbell, Jarrett Welsh, and Erik Gunderson provided valuable critiques on the antepenultimate version of this paper.
Young likewise makes use of enjambment to similar effect as Lowell's; the final line of the antepenultimate stanza begins a sentence that the final two stanzas complete:
The caudal skeleton had 3 epurais, the urostyle, a small uroneural dorsal to the urostyle, 4 hypurals, and 2 autogenous haemal arches on the antepenultimate and penultimate vertebrae.
Finally, in "The Golden Boy" (one of the parts of the antepenultimate narrative arc World's End), a human character named Brant Tucker reveals that, in the fictional period depicted in the story, the president of the United States is Bill Clinton." That story was published in 1993, after the actual election of Clinton in the extra-diegetic world.
(15) For example, "inevitable" is used once in the antepenultimate paragraph and once in the penultimate paragraph.