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Synonyms for antepartum

occurring or existing before birth

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This exploratory, descriptive study, done retrospectively from perinatal medical records, compared childbirth outcomes in one obstetrician's caseload between 50 women who elected antepartal hypnosis preparation (usually a 5-class series) and 51 who did not.
Five major categories of concerns related to pregnancy and childbearing were identified: (a) antepartal concerns about the pregnancy itself, including the decision to become pregnant, (b) the effect of MS on future childbearing plans, (c) labor and delivery concerns, (d) concerns and issues related to breastfeeding, and (e) concerns about the baby's well-being and child care.
Topics covered include the anatomy, physiology, and conditions of the female reproductive system; the childbearing cycle; the antepartal period; labor and delivery; the postpartum period; the newborn; and high-risk infants.
Antepartal and intrapartal fetal monitoring, 3d ed.