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relating to events before a marriage

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2d at 249 (holding a sadaq, an Islamic antenuptial agreement for a postponed dowry protecting the woman in the event of divorce, was valid and enforceable).
All civil marriages concluded by Africans were automatically out of community of property, while all other civil marriages concluded in the country were (and still are) regarded as being in community of property, except where the parties had concluded an antenuptial contract.
See Comment, Marriage as Contract and Marriage as Partnership: The Future of Antenuptial Agreement Law, 116 HARV.
227 (holding that, where an antenuptial agreement required the wife to make a gift at the husband's death, the wife's gift is deemed to be made at the husband's death when the amount of the gift could be ascertained, notwithstanding the general rule that an enforceable contract to make a future gift is a gift when the contract is entered into).
A prenuptial or antenuptial agreement is a document signed by two people who intend to be married, defining their rights and obligations if and when they get divorced.
58) At about the same time, courts began to recognize and enforce antenuptial agreements, previously considered invalid as violative of state public policy.
However, when Robert Thomson was accused of antenuptial fornication (premarital sex) because a child was born too soon after the marriage he said
The Seventh Circuit also noted that previous courts had concluded that payments made under an antenuptial agreement or Marvin-type palimony payments are generally gifts, rather than taxable income.
1983), which involved an antenuptial agreement, the Florida Third District Court of Appeal acknowledged that a general waiver of "all rights"