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relating to events before a marriage

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Eisenberg, supra note 55, at 257 (suggesting many courts use term unconscionability incorrectly with regards to antenuptial agreements).
61.052(5) provides that the court may enforce an antenuptial agreement to arbitrate a dispute in accordance with the law and tradition chosen by the parties.
A last alternative is for the testator to make a will without regard to such future spouse, knowing that in the event the testator does marry, the testator will be a pretermitted spouse unless the testator make a new will, obtains a waiver, or enters into an antenuptial agreement.
3d DCA 2001), the Florida Third District Court of Appeal held that a husband and wife who asked the court to dissolve their childless marriage and to enforce their antenuptial agreement should not have been required to file financial affidavits because they did not ask the court for "permanent financial relief."
Funds used to purchase Antenuptial agreement Genunzio, marital home effectively waived any 598 So.
The defendant also was unsuccessful in arguing that the contract between the parties is an "unenforceable antenuptial agreement."
Tightly drafted prenuptial or antenuptial agreements could eliminate this potential problem, but that requires advance planning to ensure that such agreements are part of an estate plan.
When the spouse subsequently sued and the husband's antenuptial agreement was deemed meaningless, he sued the attorney for malpractice.
Coe Frankhauser in Gettysburg, who drew up an antenuptial agreement
Cary: Antenuptial Agreements Waiving or Limiting Alimony in Tennessee, 27 U.
2008) (antenuptial agreement under which husband would not be liable for debts of debtor/wife under chapter 13 plan is not special circumstances); In re Oliver, 350 B.R.
For example, scholars have long expressed concern that women are often in a weaker bargaining position than their male partners in the negotiation of agreements governing intimate life, such as antenuptial or cohabitation contracts.
3d DCA 1975) (husband's failure to obtain life insurance policy on his life for benefit of his wife as required by antenuptial agreement constituted abandonment by him of the agreement); Gustafson v.
The agreement (which the Court refers to as an "antenuptial agreement") failed to include an acknowledgement of the effect of the waiver.
(52) By the end of the eighteenth century, courts accepted antenuptial agreements that gave women property rights outright, rather than in trust.