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For example, the male has a yellow clypeus and the first antennal flagellomere is longer than the second, as in the bachue species group.
Length (width) of antennal segment: I 27.98 (29.16), II 39.88 (24.90), III 56.44 (14.45), IV 59.96 (14.35), V 36.29 (15.21), VI 66.87 (18.01), VII 8.77 (6.75), VIII 13.92 (5.37).
Antennal horns well developed, triangular, anterior margin finely serrate, triangular region sclerotized on base of antennal sheath; cervical sclerite with 2 short setae; face without ventral projections, without papillae.
From the least to the most aggressive, the behaviors observed were: (i) males remaining immobile or with few movements throughout the arena, without contact (n = 12); (ii) antennal contact with emission of song by one male (Fig.
tibouchinae has three-segmented palpi (adults), bifid antennal horns, and abdominal spines connected to one another (pupa), differing from the new species, in which the palpi are four-segmented, antennal horns are simple, and dorsal spines are not connected.
1B): Ovoid body with the maximum width at the second abdominal segment level; light browned head, jugum and tylus; four dark browned spines at the margin of the jugum; reddish small eyes; dark browned thorax; pronotum with disperse punctuations at its surface; mesonotum with a transversal punctuation row at the middle part; metanotum with a transversal dark browned row of punctuations at its base; pale yellowed antennal and rostral segments; convex mesonotum at the posterior margin in the middle part indicating the scutellum formation; yellowish to white legs; pale pinked abdomen.
This new species belongs to the subfamily Dryophthorinae based on its geniculate antennae with a compact antennal club, 1st article of club elongated with other articles fused, pronotum without lateral carina, and flagellum with 4 flagellomeres.
In particular, the antennal funiculus seems to be important because it contains many sensory receptors [19].
aeruginosa on mortality and lesion development in antennal gland, gills, hepatopancreas, lymphoid organ, muscle and dorsal cecum were observed in L.
Crabs that were judged to be moribund when they showed little or no response to stimuli (i.e., no eye retraction, antennal movement or the ability to right themselves when turned on their dorsal surface) were also sacrificed for histology.
Meanwhile, the County Medical Officer Gabriel Chingoth said although generally the quality of health service had remarkably improved, there is still refusal of family planning services and low turn-up for antennal care services in the vast Lakes state county.
However, odor molecules adsorbed by sensillar and antennal cuticle are likely to travel towards the pores [24, 25] and approach receptor cells long after the odor is gone.
A histochemical study of the progenetic trematode Alloglossidium renale has demonstrated the absence of any secreted material between the adult worm and the host (freshwater shrimp) antennal gland tubules.
Morphological terminology follows that of McAlpine (1981), except for the 3rd antennal segment, which is referred to as the "postpedicel" as in Stuckenberg (1999) and not as antennal flagellomere 1.