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this is a design-build contract for which the holder will be responsible for: - the design of the 3g / 4g multi-operator antennal infrastructure and scalable, - the implementation of the antennal infrastructure and connection with the 4g network of french mobile operators to provide mobile and 4g services within the sites.
The males of L piercei and L nigripennis have simple sensory cones on antennal segments III and IV, and males of L theobromae have simple sensory cones on antennal segments III and IV (Mound 1999).
1 Anterior part of 4th antennal segment dark brown; apical margin of male paramere almost straight with distinct and quite thick apical spin; spermathecal bulb with four processes of variable shape and size .
1D): Oval body, dorsally convex; light browned head wider than longer and with the tylus surpassing the juga; four dark browned spines at the margin of the jugum; pale reddish eyes; pale yellowed rostral segments, reaching the basal part of the metanotum; light browned antennal segments I-III, pale yellowed antennal IV segment; light browned pronotum wider than longer with dark browned deep punctuations at its surface and with the anterolateral light browned margin smooth and carinated; white mesonotum with disperse punctuations at the basal part; wing pads evident; scutellum wider than longer covering slightly the metanotum; light browned anterior legs; paled yellowish middle and third pair of legs; white abdomen with dark browned mesial plates, slightly rectangular.
aeruginosa on mortality and lesion development in antennal gland, gills, hepatopancreas, lymphoid organ, muscle and dorsal cecum were observed in L.
Ants are known to respond to a number of sensory cues, including chemosensory, visual, and vibrational signals, with relatively large sections of brain devoted to odor integration (the antennal lobes and mushroom bodies; Gronenberg 1996).
Forty percent (eight out of 20) of the crabs examined using histology, regardless of their Hematodinium status, had a mikrocytid infection of the antennal gland, gills, and hemolymph, 15% had systemic bacterial infections and 15% had systemic fungal infections caused by Ophiocordyceps.
Antennal scape with two weak setulae, pedicel with one strong setula and one weak setula, and postpedicel not reaching past bottom third of eye; ca 2x length of pedicel.
It is designed to give mothers to be and new mums the chance to provide feedback on: Antenatal care, when attending their planned 36 week appointment; Birthing care, after they have given birth or on discharge from the antennal ward; and post natal care, on discharge by their community midwife At each of these stages, they will be asked the question: "How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they need similar care or treatment?
The tegmina shape, song structure, and antennal markings suggest that O.
The researchers observed similar phenomena in three additional species which uses different antennal grooming methods - the German cockroach, the carpenter ant and the housefly.
Antennal sensilla are significant sensory receptors responsible for chemo and mechanical signals implicated in various behaviors (host location and discrimination behaviors.
Diagnosis: Female macropterous; blackish brown with red hypodermal pigment, the living individuals have tube reddish; antennal segments blackish brown except segment III brownish yellow, pale brown distally; setae brown yellowish; fore wings slightly shaded around margins and in a medial longitudinal line; clavus and sub-basal area brown.
My friend's RN- mother's tale reverberates like a tuning fork the pitch of myth: an elderly woman who complained of growths from the privates revealed in stirrups a literal cascade of green shoots-the jointed, antennal potato eyes seeking light, leaf-tipped, stirred out of dormancy by the richly folded moisture of their root cellar.