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Synonyms for antenatal

occurring or existing before birth

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Antenatally, wheezing was associated with maternal passive smoke exposure and postnatally, with any household member smoking.
All Antenatally detected congenital anomaly cases were confirmed at delivery.
This condition can be diagnosed antenatally by scanning with the following features: polyhydramnios (seen in this case), echogenic amniotic fluid, fetal growth restriction, eyes closed with eversion of the eyelids and lips (ectropion and eclabion, respectively), flat nose, mouth wide open, ears not well formed, flexion of extremities, mottled, breeched skin of the face and limbs, hyperflexion of fingers and toes, absence of opening movements of fingers (1).
Antenatally assess the fetus of a pregnant woman with possible Zika virus infection for microcephaly, ventriculomegaly, agenesis of corpus callosum, hypoplasia of cerebellum, and skeletal deformities
Objective: This study summarises the outcomes of 149 patients who underwent surgery for antenatally diagnosed unilateral hydronephrosis.
Predicting the clinical outcome of antenatally detected unilateral periureteric junction stenosis.
and if you've done your homework really well antenatally, then they'll generally phone you less with minor questions and do better in the labour and birth.
1,2 Placenta previa is an antenatally identifiable risk factor for obstetric hemorrhage.
The rationale behind the current study was to embrace the Zeitgeist by using an intervention, Comfort Zone (McLackland et al 2013) which had previously been piloted and found to be useful in a postnatal group to see if it could be helpful to parents antenatally.
With Alexander's nomogram, newborns were classified as appropriate for gestational age (AGA; weight at 10%-89% for GA) or SGA, which were categorized into three groups: no growth ultrasound (US) in third trimester; US in the third trimester but no diagnosis of fetal growth restriction (FGR); and diagnosed as FGR antenatally.
In summary, GCTs are the most common type of teratomas in the newborn period with the majority of them diagnosed antenatally.
Antenatally she remained on tacrolimus 2 mg twice daily and her liver function tests remained normal.
Objective: To find the frequency and pattern of distribution of antenatally diagnosed congenital anomalies and the associated risk factors.