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any of the diagnostic procedures used to determine whether a fetus has a genetic abnormality

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Also, 49 families had more than one child with thalassaemia major, even though antenatal diagnosis is available at PIMS.
If prevention of LSDs in the form of antenatal diagnosis followed by selective TOP in case of affected fetus is not practised, a family can have a second affected child with the ensuing implications for morbidity and financial burden.
Hence, accurate antenatal diagnosis must decide whether the foetus is constitutionally small for gestational age or small as a consequence of impaired placental perfusion.
Our study supports the role of trans-abdominal ultrasonography in antenatal diagnosis of cases of placenta previa major, which enables us to be well prepared, with expert handling of such high risk pregnancies, leading to timely decisions and hence reduced feto-maternal complications.
Consequently, FECG has not been widely applied, and the antenatal diagnosis rate of CHD varies considerably.
Moreover, termination of pregnancy may be elected when there is an antenatal diagnosis of the disorder, especially in those with a severe phenotype.
Antenatal diagnosis of TUCK is challenging, but Doppler ultrasound may be able to identify the condition.
Role of three-dimensional power Doppler in the antenatal diagnosis of placenta accreta: comparison with gray-scale and color Doppler techniques.
Improvements in antenatal diagnosis, and corrective measures such as the Fontan procedure, have significantly decreased the morbidity and mortality in patients that are candidates for this type of treatment.
Collaborating with a friend, he built a mobile, low-cost and high-quality antenatal diagnosis tool that is not dependent on midwives' expertise and puts the power back in the patient's hands.
While the administration of folate prior to conception has significantly reduced the incidence (and our National Department of Health is to be commended on being among the first to introduce food fortification legislation more than a decade ago), we need to do more by ensuring people are aware of the need for folate, promoting antenatal diagnosis and delivering appropriate care to any baby born with the condition.
The antenatal diagnosis should be made as it has serious implications in the continuation of pregnancy.
6,7) Before 1990, antenatal chorionicity determination was difficult; therefore, antenatal diagnosis of monchrorionic pregnancies was made in less than half of the patients and the majority were delivered vaginally.
Box 2 contains a summary of research findings, which suggest things that assist parents adjust to and accommodate the antenatal diagnosis of a cleft.