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any of the diagnostic procedures used to determine whether a fetus has a genetic abnormality

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2000) The impact of antenatal diagnosis on the effectiveness and timing of counselling for cleft lip and palate.
Only 13% of mothers in this study received an antenatal diagnosis which was significantly lower than the 45% reported in the UK wide CLAPA survey of 2006.
In conclusion, PC is rare anomaly and antenatal diagnosis is the most important point to be emphasized.
3) Fetal MRI can be performed to confirm the antenatal diagnosis.
Antenatal diagnosis should be proposed to couples in whom the male partner (as well as the female) is carrying a translocation.
In cases in which no antenatal diagnosis has been made, life-threatening upper airway obstruction does not become evident until birth.
Baby Sophie appeared perfectly healthy when she was born weighing 7lbs 10oz, but doctors knew from the antenatal diagnosis that she would deteriorate rapidly without immediate intervention.
If a physician cannot discuss issues of antenatal diagnosis with patients and present both viewpoints, then it would be better for all concerned if he or she entered another field.
Identification of those abnormal genes that permit blistering will make antenatal diagnosis simpler," says Joseph McGuire of Yale University in New Haven, Conn.
As previously discussed in CME, [1] antenatal diagnosis can be made using a combination of maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) measurement, fetal ultrasonography and, where necessary, amniocentesis.
In Uganda, students at the Makerere University College of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) have invented a hand-held mobile antenatal diagnosis device they have called WinSenga.