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occurring or existing before birth

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A study on knowledge and practices of antenatal care among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at a tertiary care hospital of Pune, Maharashtra.
All staff and patients acted calmly and for a short period people were evacuated from the antenatal area as a precaution.
In women at risk of preterm delivery, antenatal corticosteroids given between 1 and 7 days before birth reduce infant mortality by an estimated 31%, respiratory distress syndrome by 34%, intraventricular hemorrhage by 46%, and necrotizing enterocolitis by 54%.
Antenatal corticosteroid treatment prior to preterm birth is the most important pharmacologic intervention available to obstetricians to improve newborn health.
Mothers were assessed for antenatal and obstetrical complications, mode of delivery and post-partum complications.
Information on antenatal history and monitoring is shown in Table 2.
Antenatal care, as experienced by women today, dates back only 100 years.
Pregnant mothers and their partners are invited to join a short series of antenatal and birth preparation classes, which will be beamed to their homes via secure videoconferencing software or they can link in at their local telehealth service.
The Midwifery service in Australia is well developed and is providing high quality and safe maternity care to pregnant women, but still a lot is to be done to improve antenatal and post-natal maternity care.
Two monitors, costing a total of PS3,300, were bought for the antenatal assessment suite at South Tyneside District Hospital with a donation from the League of Friends.
Research: Maternal micronutrient deficiencies may adversely affect fetal and infant health, yet there is insufficient evidence of effects on these outcomes to guide antenatal micronutrient supplementation in South Asia.
Foregrounding spirituality and joy at birth in antenatal education is essential in lessening fear and allowing meaningful holistic experiences to emerge.
Antenatal and PMTCT history, delivery information and feeding options were obtained from routinely collected data held in antenatal clinic registers and clinical files.
She started taking antenatal yoga classes when she was about seven months pregnant.