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preceding death

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Pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy diagnosed antemortem and treated with combination chemotherapy.
We investigated oral swab sampling as an antemortem means of diagnosing EVD and used qRTPCR to detect EBOV RNA in daily oral swab samples obtained from guinea pigs infected with guinea pig-adapted EBOV (GP-EBOV) and with WT-EBOV.
However, our patients were diagnosed as having sCJD, thus, we did not perform a tonsillar biopsy, the use of which for antemortem diagnosis is still questionable.
However, antemortem structural differences between DLB and PDD have been detected using fMRI and PET.
Organ donation after cardiac death: legal and ethical justifications for antemortem interventions.
Andreasen NC, Cizadlo T, Harris G, Swayze VW, O'Leary DS, Cohen G, Ehrhardt J, Yuh WT: Voxel processing techniques for the antemortem study of neuroanatomy and neuropathology using magnetic resonance imaging.
Nevertheless, the success of the technique is premised on several multifaceted factors that cut across antemortem, perimortem and postmortem phases of an animal.
Microscopic pulmonary tumor embolism causing subacute cor pulmonale: a difficult antemortem diagnosis.
Sc]) in brain samples several months before the onset of clinical signs; however, there is no appropriate, universal tool for early preclinical and antemortem diagnosis of BSE.
Gastric toxoplasmosis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: antemortem diagnosis with histopathologic characterization.
Antemortem diagnosis is based on the presence and progressive worsening of clinical symptoms.
Clinically, the antemortem diagnosis may be established by means of CSF cytology.
6) When this test is carried, the male-female difference in antemortem loss of incisors and canines is highly significant; the [[Chi].
No obvious antemortem etiology for the clinical findings was discovered on computerized tomography, angiography, or echocardiography.
2011), is the result of complex interactions among animal genetics, antemortem and postmortem conditions, fundamental muscle chemistry and many factors related to meat processing, packaging, distribution, storage, display and final preparation for consumption (Hunt et al.