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  • verb

Synonyms for antedate

to come, exist, or occur before in time

Synonyms for antedate

be earlier in time

establish something as being earlier relative to something else

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In other words, these handmade objects "belong to a world antedating the separation of the useful and (from) the beautiful", (12) as experiencing them is as much visual as physical.
In the early 1990s Frances Smith Foster pointed scholarship in a new direction by bringing back into print three serialized novels by Harper, all of them antedating Iola Leroy.
Fun as this is, MacCulloch would have done better to begin with a brief outline of heretical reformative movements antedating the "Reformation ," something the book sorely misses; as he does address Gregorian reform within the church, one is all the more surprised at his later statement that "from the 1580s, leading laypeople in villages were denouncing clergy who kept concubines, something that previously had provoked little comment.
The author rehearses fifteenth-century forms of the words for 'morris' as a dance or performance and adduces a new antedating of the earliest occurrence of the word in English, from 1448.
1580, written probably in Flanders and possibly at Antwerp (thus antedating the 1623 foundation of the English Benedictine house at Cambrai, with which P has sometimes been associated).
A statute does not operate 'retrospectively,' and thus impermissibly, simply because it applies to conduct antedating the statute's enactment," Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw wrote for the three-judge panel in Altmann v.
s use of the labels "Jew," "Jewish," and "Christian" for groups antedating Constantine is historically and linguistically anachronistic.
900 BC and thus antedating other known Preclassic Maya sweathouses by half a millennium (Hammond & Bauer 2001).
Seventeenth-century authors--especially those expressing mentalities and values antedating the Restoration--provided the Americans with inspiring examples of literary virtuosity and boundless philosophical curiosity and creativity.
Since the YAP disparity also held for both the Ashkenazim and Sephardim, "this result is consistent with an origin for the Jewish priesthood antedating the division of the world Jewry into Ashkenazic and Sephardic communities," the researchers said in the Jan.