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  • verb

Synonyms for antedate

to come, exist, or occur before in time

Synonyms for antedate

be earlier in time

establish something as being earlier relative to something else

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1) Michael Heaney and John Forrest, 'An Antedating for the "Morris Dance"', Notes & Queries, 247.
Neither Wheeler's Nero Women of the New South nor studies antedating it attempt to explain what transpired in Arkansas and Texas to produce a victory in those states.
They found that sexual problems antedating the occlusion were present in 49% of this group compared to 23% in the control group.
The earliest cost management systems, antedating the Civil War, were employed by New England mill owners and were used to identify cost elements of the conversion (raw materials to finished goods) process and to evaluate the managers who supervised it.
Lower courts are in the bad habit of antedating orders to conceal noncompliance with the time-bound rules on resolving matters before them.
Oxford's "great places" include the Clara Barton Birthplace Museum, certainly a national treasure; the Huguenot Fort on Mayo's Hill, antedating the U.
This comprehensive overview allows each of the chapters that follow to draw from the records of all eight estates to illustrate the practicalities of gardening in and around London, making a case for the existence of "a community of garden workers antedating by a century the charter of the Company of Gardeners in 1605" (18).
Perhaps the most spectacular antedating I have found through legal database searching is the phrase politically correct.
The "Laws" of CD represented virtually the first written legal code from Jewish antiquity, antedating the redaction of the rabbinic material by several centuries, and also furnished us with the outlines of a non-rabbinic halakhic system, one with points of contact with the halakhah of such works as Jubilees.
Stepto reads Johnson's Autobiography as a response to the call of antedating autobiographical texts by ex-slaves, especially Booker T.
Sowell calls on researchers to start "regarding groups as having their own internal cultural patterns, antedating the environment in which they currently find themselves and transcending the beliefs, biases, and decisions of others.
Jose Rizal, antedating the one in Luneta by 13 years.
It has been claimed that the two fragments, now in the private hands of Honegger and Bernd Ulrich Hucker, come from an edition antedating that of 1515, but since Hucker has not made his fragment generally available through a facsimile edition it is impossible to be sure how it fits chronologically with the editions of 1515 and 1519.
5) Israel apparently employed an antedating system for recording the length of their kings' reigns through the ninth century, but then shifted to a postdating system at the beginning of the eighth century.