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  • verb

Synonyms for antedate

to come, exist, or occur before in time

Synonyms for antedate

be earlier in time

establish something as being earlier relative to something else

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More than 550 junior inspectors were awarded antedated seniority, while 3,150 are in a queue for seniority claims, they added.
Newman may have made that judgment, but his thinking about infallibility was complex, antedated the calling of Vatican I, and is understandable only in the light of his broader approach to ecclesiology.
Besides Paul, only the hypothetical Q source behind some of the gospels escaped corruption, in the case of Q most likely because it antedated the passion for turning Jesus from the model human in whom the image of God shone brightly into an unbelievable being whose character denied all reason and science.
However, while Marcus acknowledges that the publications and periodicals comprising this minority film culture were united by an attack on the institutions of popular, commercial, writing on film that antedated them, this disdain, passed down through academic film studies, shapes the book's understanding of what qualifies as the 'writing about cinema in the modernist period' of the book's subtitle: the majority thinking on film during this period, as produced across an array of commercial fan magazines and such contemporary non-aesthetic commentaries as Harry Furniss's Our Lady Cinema (1914) and Fred Dangerfield and Norman Howard's How to Become a Film Artiste (1921), is unworthy of attention, supposed to be vacuous, inane, lazy, derivative.
At appeal, the Privy Council held that it had not been necessary or appropriate to remove a vet from the register "where he had relatively unthinkingly antedated racehorse passports on two isolated occasions in the course of a long and otherwise unblemished and excellent career, and where there was no financial gain and no threat to animal welfare".
Nevertheless, given the many engaging and valid studies on pre-Petrarchan humanism, studies that have antedated the origin of Italian humanism from the mid-fourteenth century (the age of Petrarch) to the second half of the thirteenth century (the era of Lovato dei Lovati), Cappelli's claim for a chronological primacy of the illustrious poet needs a better contextualization and a more forceful and sophisticated justification.
Our flagship publication, Environmental Law, antedated Huffman's arrival on the law faculty by three years, due to the prescience of our legendary faculty member, Billy Williamson, who founded the publication in 1970.
Such political action antedated by over three decades the formation of the Alliance Israelite Universelle (1860), much less the American Jewish Committee (1906).
Gregory Hamilton at the May 6, 2004, meeting of the American Psychiatric Association alleges that an Oregon man with lung cancer was given a lethal prescription even though he had a history of psychological problems, including depression, alcoholism, and previous suicide attempts that long antedated his cancer diagnosis.
Impressive examples found so far come from the world of medicine (oesophageal, antedated from 1807 to 1786; pelvic, antedated from 1828 to 1799), botany (three out of the four senses of peduncle have been antedated), textiles (organdie, antedated from 1785 to 1714), and architecture (periperal, antedated from 1826 to 1768).
A section of Aegisthus' monologue describing the crime that antedated and precipitated the play's events--Aegisthus' father, Thyestes, being treated to a dinner of his kids by his brother Atreus--opens the play.
In 1995, after the initial joint acquisition with Notre Dame, Theodore Karp, a distinguished Midwestern musicologist at an institution not yet a Newberry partner, brought to the Newberry's attention a liturgical codex copied in about 1300 that contained a rare example of Aquitanian neumatic notation, a form of musical notation that antedated the square notation customarily found in late medieval manuscripts and early printed tomes.
As several contributors to this volume observe, much of what we label with the queen's name long antedated her reign and even her birth in 1819.
Herodotus, according to Starr, antedated the trend of rationalistic chronologism as the political biases of later historiographers; and he presents a "picture of a leading Greek power, busy in the Peloponnesus yet not easily conquering its neighbors; active too on the seas to the point of launching far more impressive naval expeditions than did contemporary Athens; influential as far as Italy on the one side and Asia Minor on the other" (33).