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  • verb

Synonyms for antedate

to come, exist, or occur before in time

Synonyms for antedate

be earlier in time

establish something as being earlier relative to something else

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It should be noted, however, that similar studies on women's roles in Latin American Protestant churches antedate Drogns's book.
Long-term licensing arrangements that antedate Webcasting often limit licensees' rights to broadcasting in a specific geographic area.
Indeed the videos antedate the book, although they have only now reached Greece & Rome for review.
Perhaps the pavan for three violins and continuo (another obsolete form) was written in homage to Jenkins (d 1677); judging by the discolouration of the paper it is possible that the three trio sonatas antedate the fantazias, and maybe the fantazias themselves were composed before 1680.
3] (Attaingnant's Chansons nouvelles) antedate the publication of the purely literary version.
This is primarily due to favourable weather conditions from January to March, which prompted the market to antedate orders.
Brooke is spotty in her discussion of images of Francis that antedate the Assisi frescoes.
By contrast, for Genoa no more than a handful of texts antedate 1492, whereas afterward there is a torrent--one, however, of acts describing Jews who have converted and are being sold as slaves, largely young women.
restored the poem to those ancient sonic roots that antedate the origins
For these, however, Nexis will often antedate the evidence of even the richest traditional citation files: OUP's extensive Nexis searching testifies to this fact.
Keegan begins by arguing that while warfare antedates the state, diplomacy, and strategy by millennia, it does not antedate culture.
Furthermore, Israel, had communal farms--in Hebrew kibbutzim--which antedate the state and still exist today.
The AP are therefore unequivocally religious texts at the same time as they are historical novels closely related to the Jewish novella, many of which, as Thomas had noted in her first chapter, antedate any Greek texts in the genre.
examining drafts in order to antedate outside intervention.
It also powerfully dismantled the Christian opposition of New Testament "mercy" to "Old Testament law/justice," allowing mercy to antedate Christianity and a merciful justice to characterize the pre-mosaic Noachide laws.