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Synonyms for antechamber

a large entrance or reception room or area

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On the landing D'Artagnan blushed; in the antechamber he trembled.
At this announcement, during which the door remained open, everyone became mute, and amid the general silence the young man crossed part of the length of the antechamber, and entered the apartment of the captain of the Musketeers, congratulating himself with all his heart at having so narrowly escaped the end of this strange quarrel.
Between eight and nine o'clock the servants began to arrive in the antechamber to accompany their masters home; and, short of a revolution, no one remained in the salon at ten o'clock.
Penelon rolled his quid in his cheek, placed his hand before his mouth, turned his head, and sent a long jet of tobacco-juice into the antechamber, advanced his foot, balanced himself, and began, -- "You see, M.
The services of this order relate to the reconstruction of a foliation decorating the leaves and bandage by goldtressen and krepinen in sewing application technology for the restoration of the lost textile equipment from the second antechamber.
And it's now been 54 years that Turkey has been waiting in the antechamber of the EU," Erdogan further added.
The next several months were spent cataloguing the contents of the antechamber before finally, in February 1923, Carter opened another sealed doorway.
rose from an antechamber where hundreds of onlookers, including dozens of regional mayors, had gathered.
The significance of placing St Anne teaching the Virgin in the antechamber becomes clearer.
Inside are two rooms: a dim antechamber, which holds three bookcases stocked with copies of the books that the company sells, and a brightly lit back room from which Gary Mokotoff runs "the leading publisher of products of interest to persons who are researching Jewish genealogy.
notes, A wall of trills and delicate runes like The antechamber of an
What it did have, however, was an 11- by 11-foot antechamber off the master bedroom--just the right size for a small office, a sitting area, or .
The chapel is in the north range of the castle and is reached from an antechamber down a square tunnel, as it was submerged by later rebuilding in the 12th, 15th and 16th centuries.
3) The bas-reliefs depicting the epics are usually carved on the antechamber walls of the entrance pavilions placed on the cardinal directions of all the three terraces but the space between the antechamber and the stairs is so narrow that access to these bas-reliefs is difficult.
It gives the impression of being an antechamber, rather than a tomb fit for a king.