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at an earlier time or formerly


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as beginning is an existence which is preceded by a time in which the thing is not, it would follow that antecedently there was a time in which the world was not, that is, an empty time.
True, only those who antecedently accept that claim will be able to see how the human riddle is solved in Christ.
That is why in the antecedent, nonchosen gift of pity, Levinas, the believer, sees a space for saying that he can catch sight of a pity for suffering that has antecedently gifted the witnesses with pity for those who suffer.
It is similar to the original charge made against the Causal Theory: that by positing multiple, logically independent determinants of intentional action, the possibility is necessarily left open that the external feature(s) will deviate from what is intended in a way that fails to support the structure we antecedently take to be there.
Because authors are not entitled to assign themselves any authority that they do not antecedently possess, the "will of the people" is binding on others only within circumscribed bounds.
The unwarranted shift of logical distance--from antecedently disassociated to equated terms--is key to the discovery of new meanings.
Whitehead provides this insight: "My explanation is that the faith in the possibility of science, generated antecedently in the development of modern scientific theory, is the unconscious derivative from medieval theology.
Everything is arguable, and arguable by reference to considerations that have to be meaningful to those concerned, antecedently to the moral theory put forward--namely, their various values and preferences, whatever they may be, plus a variety of empirically manageable factual claims.
In order for the second kind of judgment to be possible, it has to be antecedently true or false that the Eighth Amendment prohibits, for example, the application of the death penalty to juvenile defendants.
And I shall instance therefore such Natural Laws as are obliging in the state of Nature antecedently to any settled government among Men by mutuall (a) Capitulation or Consent.
188) This is so even for those nationalists who displace naturalism with constructionism since, by definition, all nationalists must believe that the state exists to express the identity of a (somehow) antecedently existing people.
A library is more than just a utilitarian institution that enables patrons to conveniently check out whatever material the patrons antecedently desire.
If a principle commits one to an antecedently unacceptable judgment, then one has to modify or supplement the principle in a way that does the least damage to the harmony of one's particular and general opinions taken as a group.
This right includes that of judging, in the case of a revolution of government in a foreign country, whether the new rulers are competent organs of the national will and ought to be recognized, or not, which, where a treaty antecedently exists between the United States and such nation, involves the power of continuing or suspending its operation.
However, the popular audience to which Mishlove's book seems directed is likely to be antecedently sympathetic to the Owens case (or at least to much of it).