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  • verb

Synonyms for antecede

to come, exist, or occur before in time

Synonyms for antecede

be earlier in time

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The genesis of this book, edited by Gabriel Doherty and Dermot Keogh, anteceded the official 1916 Rising festivities of April 2006 by some three months.
Job market participation among homeless adults is influenced by substance abuse problems, which are anteceded by ACEs.
However, this ambiguity in terms of the late rise of racism (anytime after the end of the 18th century and before the 1920s, but mostly traced to the 1870s) is added to the common citation of the 16th century phenomenon, Pureza de Sangre, which more than anteceded the racialization of peoples.
Both of these years followed years in which the AMBUPC declined, but were anteceded by years of returns in excess of 13%.
That is, topicalized structures permit a reflexive anteceded by the main clause subject and corresponding to the object position in 4a, although a reflexive anteceded by a main clause element cannot occur in situ in that position.
As for English "picture-noun" constructions, in the framework of Chomsky (1981) the accessibility condition is responsible for the well-formedness of the sentence in (43): the subject/SUBJECT of the embedded clause is not accessible for the reflexive, and thus the reflexive can be anteceded by the matrix subject:
As early as the 16th century, "white" and "black" had been used in literature and travel accounts, as Winthrop Jordan has shown, from which he argues that racist hostility anteceded the founding of the colony and slavery.