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Synonyms for antagonize



Synonyms for antagonize

act in opposition to

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The chemogenomics approach of RESprotect resulted in the identification of a number of validated targets contributing to the development of chemoresistance by antagonizing apoptosis.
Antagonizing neighbors and ignoring collective interests will erode the college's political and economic support.
These exciting results further validate that inhibiting or antagonizing microRNAs using antisense oligonucleotides has the potential to lead to exciting new therapeutics for diseases with unmet medical needs," said C.
She doesn't torment callers or enjoy antagonizing the poor anonymous souls who have nowhere else to turn for common-sense advice.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Headline and sub-head of release should read: Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid Introduced for Diabetics; The First and Only Proprietary, Controlled-Release Formulation of Alpha-Lipoic Acid Reduces Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetes by Antagonizing Excessive Free Radicals at the Cellular Level (sted First-Ever Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid Helps Relieve Diabetic Complications; Medical Research Institute Introduces Glucotize: First and Only Controlled-Release Formulation of Alpha-Lipoic Acid; Shown to Help Reduce Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetes at Cellular Level).
One concern is that the enlargement will create more rather than fewer problems in the post-Soviet era by needlessly antagonizing Russia.
Previous research from this laboratory has shown that BMP-7, a compound normally made in the kidney, can promote restoration of kidney function in certain preclinical models of chronic kidney disease by antagonizing the effects of epithelial-to-mesenchymal mediated kidney fibrosis.
And, yes, the mouse eventually becomes the darling of the movie, all the while antagonizing its human co-stars.
The race to develop cancer agents based on antagonizing growth factor receptors.
They should avoid creating more of them by needlessly antagonizing people in their own back yard.
McCall said the Union would urge AK to recall USWA members as rapidly as possible and "trusts that AK management will instruct the replacement workers now in the plant to avoid antagonizing our returning members as they have throughout the lockout.
I've made so little money on this that there's no point antagonizing anybody,'' he said.