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Synonyms for antagonize



Synonyms for antagonize

act in opposition to

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M1) showed decrements in Ca;{2+} clearance following depolarization (Ca;{2+} Recovery time, Ca;{2+}RT) that were antagonized by BB.
Everyone was antagonized by his criticisms of the election process.
For the rest of his career - working largely as one of professional wrestling's most charismatic villains - Blassie antagonized audiences by calling his more popular rivals "pencil neck geeks.
The fan Malone's attorney's came up with, George Palermo, said it was Esterbrooks who antagonized Malone.
Philbrick believes that Melville based the vengeful character of Captain Ahab on Chase, an aggressive first mate who antagonized the crew.
Max Godinez speculated the assailant was perhaps antagonized by teammates running ahead of Sergio and took it out on the lone teen who remained behind.
Many major contributors, insiders said, have shut their checkbooks because they have been antagonized or offended by McGraw's policies or by the chairman himself.
Then there was the time Kaufman sabotaged a sketch on ABC's live ``Fridays'' show, antagonized the other actors and wound up in a fistfight on camera with co-producer Jack Burns.
The previous government of Yitzhak Rabin managed to function with 61 votes in Parliament, but Netanyahu has antagonized many members of his party and his coalition through the incessant infighting that has marked his administration.