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Synonyms for antagonist

Synonyms for antagonist

one that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

Synonyms for antagonist

a muscle that relaxes while another contracts

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a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug

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To examine the extent of transcriptional remodeling for Dex- and Gen-regulated genes, co-regulated genes from the overlapping gene lists were classified as a) induced by both Dex and Gen, b) repressed by both Dex and Gen, c) anti-correlated (genes with opposing direction of regulation), or d) antagonistically regulated (Figure 2D); a representative gene demonstrating each of these patterns is provided in Figure 2E.
Another example is the Arabidopsis IVRKY70 gene which encodes a transcription factor whose expression is antagonistically regulated by salicylic acid and jasmonic acid.
These miRNAs were found to act both antagonistically and synergistically, both reducing and promoting apoptosis.
As Dan Brayton reviews the term, ecophobia is a "cultural tendency to relate antagonistically to nature" (226).
She also reconciles herself with her infant son, whom she initially perceives so antagonistically in 'At the Bay' (1921).
Most of the street children (male and female) behaved antagonistically if one were interfered in their matters or behaved with them in a rude manner.
The active critics of Israel in our online sample show (as expected) no pro-Israeli pattern and position themselves quite antagonistically in favor of the Palestinians, but they display no antisemitic pattern.
It is hypothesised "the Bmp4-Msx1 pathway is a driving force in the activator-inhibitor network regulating sequential tooth initiation, while Msx1 and Osr2 act antagonistically to pattern the tooth morphogenic field by controlling the expression and spatial distribution of mesenchymal odontogenic signals along the buccolingual axis" [Zhang et al.
It will however be important for mining companies and government officials to work together less antagonistically and for the mining industry to change its generally negative perception.
Vertebral flexors work antagonistically with those that extend the vertebral column and they are responsible for stabilizing the vertebral column, maintaining the optimum level for co-contraction and an efficient metabolic rate in these muscles (Stokes et al.
Implications in the treatment effectiveness of conventional therapies may exist when plant-based therapies are used without a physician's explicit consent, as they may interact antagonistically or synergistically with conventional therapies.
Antagonistically, Israel has continuously supported the Kurdish community in Turkey and Northern Iraq providing military training, as well as funding economic development.
He furthermore, reiterated, "Of course Portugal's stands at that time were positive, but many European countries have encountered the Iranian nation antagonistically, without having any logical reason for doing so.
The historically oriented philosopher may find himself ill at ease with the proposed methodology, especially when it becomes evident that Barnwell's solution, which is an amalgamation of Scotistic and Suarezian ideas, seeks to combine elements of philosophical theories that are, at best, irreducibly distinct and, at worst, antagonistically incompatible.
For whatever assumes, at least partially, the function of an origin or principle will have to be instituted antagonistically (against other principles); but to be instituted antagonistically means to lose the function of an origin or principle.