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Synonyms for antagonist

Synonyms for antagonist

one that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

Synonyms for antagonist

a muscle that relaxes while another contracts

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a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug

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The answer seems to be related to the persistent belief that the use of pharmacotherapy in recovery renders the user "still addicted"; the lack of belief in the efficacy of these drugs, including a lack of commitment by senior administrative and clinical staff; the belief that pharmacotherapy is intended to replace rather than augment psychosocial treatments; the notion that these drugs are incompatible with AA or Narcotics Anonymous (NA); the fact that antagonist medications are psychoactive or addictive; and the slow acceptance of change in general in this field.
Although recent medical advances like TNF antagonist medications have been helpful for some patients, as many as one-third do not respond adequately to these therapies.