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Synonyms for antagonize



Synonyms for antagonize

act in opposition to

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These preclinical data support the company's conviction that an Anticalin, which is monomeric by nature, is particularly suited for antagonising a receptor activated through dimerisation such as c-Met, said Stephen Yoder, CEO of Pieris.
Evans' daughter, Barbara Thomas, who lives with her, told the court it was their neighbours who were antagonising them.
Stop antagonising your supporters, Mr Sullivan, and think before you speak - maybe the fans will come pouring back if you drop prices and keep your silly comments to yourself.
The camp Scot - who claims to be a fan of Kylie and knitting - had been closely watched by show psychologists after antagonising fellow housemates and threatening to kill himself live on air.
According to The Associated Press, Microsoft is keen to avoid the copyright problems that have plagued Google's Print Project and the alliance is working to make books and other offline content available online without antagonising publishers and authors.
He had a couple of drinks before he went to the match and he was not causing any trouble or antagonising anyone.
Well, Jeremy, these "oafs" are the very people who have allowed you the privilege of making a good living driving the best cars in the world, antagonising various facets of society, and indulging in laddish behaviour.
LIVERPOOL captain Steven Gerrard insists Rafael Benitez is too focused on his own team to ever bother antagonising rival managers.